Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Getting there

The big second birthday is looming, super fast! Today I finished the top, I should get it done in time, feeling positive. 

I used Posey as the stripes and a lovely fabric from Free Spirit. 

The grey is Robert Kaufman. It is huge, nearly 2m squared! It's going to keep Greta super cosy.

I can't believe she is almost two. It's crazy, I feel like she is my baby. I feel a little sad. 


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Flying high Ryan

My big boy is about to turn eight...8!!!!!!! My baby is almost two and Adele is totally rocking school. This week, more so than normal, it is really hitting home that they are growing up and it is that old saying, it is happening so fast. FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!

So today when Ryan asked me to make a photo of him flying in his balloon, I knew I had to say yes, these requests over time will be come fewer and fewer. He does art classes and a while back the made hot air balloons.

And at the moment doing these things make me happy. Especially to day, it has been nice to take a minute or two (ok an hour or two) and do something for them. With doing my course, working, school, three kids and then my other course, some days I feel so spread thin. A lot of it is my own fault and I love every single aspect of it all, but you know, life is crazy!!!!! Friday night was a great recharging night, Blair and I usually get home from work and taking the kids to their swimming lessons, set on the couch and then go to bed. But this Friday he came home with some wine and we relaxed and chatted and just had a nice time. It has meant the weekend has been some what more fun as it felt like we had a bit of a break. Even if we were at home.

Anyway... I am making progress on Gretas quilt, I have one more week before my photography course starts up again so I want to have it all done by then. I am feeling confident that it will be pretty much done. She is obsessed with bags so I want to make her a messenger type bag too. See, I do it to myself ;)

Just a couple more I have done, I just love making photos of the kids, certainly helps they are so adorable