Sunday, September 29, 2013

Another pair Quick Change Pants

I love these pants, I just don't think I can say it enough. This pattern by Anna Maria  Horner, is my most used pattern. Greta's on pair number four!!

I had this fabric sitting around for a while and with the move most of my fabric is out in the garage. I went out there to look for fabric for a different project. Instead I got sidetracked by the fabric and decided today was the day to cut it up. Spring is still pretty unsettled so a new pair of pants was born. 

I struggled to get a good photo of her in them, she was rushing around everywhere.

Peek a boo!!

A great butt shot!

I love the bright happy colours. Kind of a cross between happy summer pants or slightly clown pants.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

A wee Hat

So a little while back I was asked to make a couple of items which were going to be gifts for a friends friend type thing. Since I have pretty much stopped sewing for Silly Goose at the moment this was perfect. I love making individual things, I feel like they have a bit more love in them and appeals so much more to my handmade side. The whole getting something that is a more likely to be a one off type thing.

So I emailed a few ideas and we made a plan. This hat is the first gift. It's for a wee boy and I just think the records is the coolest ever fabric. I love the retro vibe of it.

I used a Issy's and Ivys pattern and made the Itty bitty size. See even the sizing sounds adorable. 

So this will be posted off tomorrow, I really hope who ever it is for loves it too.


Friday, September 27, 2013

A bit of Pinteresting

Still hanging at the beach and the weather is still pretty average. But we honestly have been having a great time. I have been a bit of a tv kill joy but it is amazing at the great things the kids have been doing instead. I love it!! Of course I am not completely mean, perfect for keeping them quiet when Greta is sleeping or at least getting to sleep. If she hears them she won't nod off. 

Anyway to show them sometimes it is all about giving it ago I did some art today to, thanks to Pinterest. 

I did the three D hand, was rather pleased.

Painted the inside of a couple of jars with a tiny bit of paint I found. Planning on going flower hunting tomorrow to fill them. A lot of baches are empty so there are a lot of flower beds we can "borrow" from.

And of course these wee people constantly need feeding so...

Ryan has already made a massive dent in the batch.

All and all a productive morning. We have friends coming over for lunch so I am sure that will mean a trip to the park. Weather permitting.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A baby quilt

As I was cutting my Basket Case, each strip had about a 5 inch bit left over. I kept each piece and this afternoon I made this...

It's about 25 inches squared so only really a bassinet sized quilt. Or maybe a pram quilt. Either way I have new quilt. 

I am not too happy with the white border but we are away from home at the moment and it was all I had that would be suitable. I didn't have any red left and only a small amount of the green hearts fabric.

But another wee finish so all good. I really want to start another jelly roll I packed but I am not sure if Blair could handle any more of my sewing machine. I might have to be sneaky.


In Love with Flirt

I have completed the Flirt top. I just love it, I can't wait to get quilting this top and have it completed. It is the first time I have made a quilt purely for me. For me!!!!

So as mentioned, it is Basket Case by Cluck Cluck Sew. I love her patterns, she even has a book that I might have to get too.

My jelly roll is from Donnas, my local.

Ta dah!!!!!!! It's funny, when I went to get the border fabric I really thought my quilt  was teal but more blue but it is quite green. Well a lot green. When I was hold my little piece of fabric up to the solids I was quite surprised, even when I had it in front of me! 

I found a great solid red, but could find a solid green I liked. There was the lighter green but it made it look a bit blah. So I wandered round and round and randomly held my scrap up to this heart fabric and was so shocked when it was almost a perfect match. I liked it, had the hearts, made it match to the whole Flirt name.

And it is huge! 180 cm, 70 inches. Well huge for a lap/couch quilt. 

And a little bit of help from Greta. 

So very happy


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Family Art

Who would have thought, I brought some $2 cut out cardboard people and the whole family, including Blair and I, spent pretty much the whole afternoon colouring them in. 

A big storm has come across the North Island and we quickly ducked into town to pick up a few supplies as we knew the power would probably go out and if it didn't we wanted to keep ourselves amused without the tv.

The mostly amusing part of the afternoon was watching Ryan teach Blair how to play Chess. He had never played it and I was very surprised to hear and see Ryan's good grasp of the rules. Some may have been a bit questionable but he had a pretty good understanding for a seven year old.

I did manage a small amount of sewing before we lost power. Was sewing in the last seam of the body. Hopefully heading out tomorrow to get what I need for the boarders. Will see what the weather is like. 

So close....

It's so windy and bits from the trees keep falling on the roof. The house is holding up well, barely making a sound. Will be heading off to bed soon, great night to catch up on some sleep.


Friday, September 20, 2013

New-Old Overalls

I made these ages ago, just needed the buckles on the shoulder straps. Today I ...

Finally put on the buckles. I was worried they would be too small, but they are huge and very roomy. No worries there at all. Even need to be rolled up. 

Miss Grumpy-Pants would not let me take a photo. So I have a few blurry images. They are super cute and fully lined and I love them!!


A nice wee lined pocket.

And a perfectly little contrast patch on the butt.

And a few pictures that warm a quilting mummy's heart

Watching "The Wizard of Oz", quilt styles.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chip, chip, chip

Slowly making progress, some times I think when you go full steam on a project, say like a Batman quilt, the next project drags along. I may have quilt burn out. 

A bit of sewing squares, and more squares and more squares.

I was finding getting the sewing machine out a bit hard. So I cut all my strips into pieces. Firstly I paired the strips and then cut and put into bags. It is quite nice counting down the bags. A little OCD I guess.

I do enjoy seeing piles of completed blocks. 

I competed eight today so maybe getting the fires of creating started. 


Friday, September 13, 2013

Lots of Cake

So Ryan is now seven... SEVEN!!!!! Unreal! 

Of course there has been celebrations and cake. Lots of cake, food colouring and sugar. 

Ryan's s bit lucky, with his birthday being during the week, he got a cake. And then a movie outing today, so another cake. He is very lucky.

He looks so old now. 

Since they are at Monsters University I tried to make a monster cake. I am happy mostly with it. 

Oh and he loves his vest, yay!!
See, he wore it to dinner and is wearing it to the movies. 

Love you Ryan 


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chipping away

No finishes today, but I have been chipping away at a couple of projects over the last few days. 

I have made a few more blocks and done a bunch of cutting for my basket case. I sewed a row together so I could get a good idea of the size, yes I am going to be very happy with it.

And I think I have my most favourite block so far..,

I love the hearts and the cute flowers, yes, I love it.

Plus, I have cut and pinned a dress for Greta. Not that you really can tell it is a dress from this picture. But trust me, it's going to be cute.

We don't do Halloween in New Zealand, but I just couldn't help buy this cute monster fabric. It's just adorable!! 

I may have used the word cute one two many times today. Oh well


Monday, September 9, 2013

Another Birthday

Thursday is Ryan's birthday. I have really had to think hard about what to make him this time round. He is not a baby but not a man. Likes jeans and Batman but still likes cuddles from mum. Usually it's a pair of shorts in what ever he is into at the time. This birthday though, I just wasn't sure if he would still be into mum made. 

I made him a vest from Oliver and S.

He grew out of his old vest so I figure this could be a winner. 

I guess I am doubting myself and don't want to put the kids in a position to be teased because of what I like. The last pair of pants I made for the kids.... They both got teased about wearing PJ pants to school and kindy. The hulk/denim for Ryan and the pink super Heros for Adele. They didn't seem to mind, this time. 

Anyway, I made the explorer vest size large so hopefully it is big enough. Adele is quite taken with it and eyeing it up.

Lots of pockets for treasures.

Fully lined plus I lined the inside of the pockets too.

 I have a bit of fabric left over and at Blair's work they are having an Americas Cup morning tea. Thinking of quickly whipping up a bunting tonight from the left overs. 


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Caramel Apple Cake

Blair's not so much into super sweet baking. Will eat chocolate cake but prefers a savory cake. So when I stumbled across this recipe I sort of figured Blair might be a bit keen on it. And, yes it was a winner!

Adele was my wee helper today. Because I like to bake I do find it hard to slow down and share the experience with her. Today I did and she told every one how we baked it. I know I should do it more often and really will try.

 Even gave her the job of laying out all the apple pieces, boy she was happy.

It used pretty simple ingredients so I was able to make it without a trip to the super market, always a winner!!

Didn't she do a great job!! She took her job very seriously.

The sides, where the brown sugar did the caramel thing, were the best part, soooooo good!! 

I think it is time for some more