Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Another little boy quilt

We have three babies to make gifts for and three unknown sexes as of yet. Recently we had an unknown, which was a little boy, so they got the robot quilt. I have ready to go one little girl and now one little boy quilt ready and waiting (well still need the quilting and binding). I figure if I have one of each ready at any time then I will always be prepared ;)

So the cute quilt was made from the Robert Kaufman range called "super dogs". Well I think that's its name, it doesn't sound quite right. 

I just cut it all into 5 inch squares and went from there. I saw this lay out on Pintesr and copied. 

I love the bright bold colours

And I love the chevrons, and I just love the characters, what is there not to like about it!! 

Two of the pending babies will have their sex found at their next scan, one baby is due in 6 weeks, and that one will be my niece or nephew, so pretty excited!!!!!!! I can't wait to meet him or her.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A wee skirt

Poor Greta, being the third baby in a family of busy people she misses out on the same level of handmade stuff. 

I had been in her wardrobe and she hardly has any clothes compared to the others. But to be fair she probably has way too many. So since I was on top of my school work and Ryan is home sick meaning we can't go to our normal activities I jumped at the chance to do some sewing for her.

I rummaged through my left overs bins (yes bins) and found the perfect combination to make this skirt.

I just love Anna Maria!!!!

Still need elastic :( The pattern had the skirt lined and the two layers sewn together, I changed it and made the top layer a bit shorted and the bottom a bit longer so sort of have it peeking out from under the denim. 

Ryan loves Greta has a matching outfit to him, the Hulk fabric is left over from some pants I made him. And the denim is from an Adele project. The front is a large pocket, I am sure my washing machine will become introduced to treasure Greta stores in there ;) 


Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I am rather short of hours, each day finishes well before I get through my to do list. Under taking part time study has been a much bigger project than I thought it would be, but I am loving it course so it hardly feels like a hassle. Plus I agreed to continue with my PlayCentre study, working on my Course Four. So another big project. 

Wednesday is my good day. I don't have to head out, Blair picks up the kids from school, Greta and I just hang. Today all I wanted to do was clean the house and hang out. 

Once I got a good chunk of the work done I felt the pull of the sewing room. It's been a long time since I made any thing. So I wanted an achievable project, and if I had elastic these pants won't be all done. 

I used my trusty Anna Maria pattern and made some quick change pants. Seriously 30 mins including cutting! 

I used Amy Butler Lark I think it's called and left overs from Adele's birthday dress

Yeah they are pretty bright :) Perfect for these dreary days. 


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Book Review For Kiwi Mummy Blogs

This week we were lucky enough to receive copies of Stories for 6 Year Olds and Stories for 7 Year olds to review as part of the Kiwi Mummy Blog Review.  Perfect for my 7 year old son, he has just started reading chapter books by himself, we have done some as a family, but it has been nice seeing him reading by choice. Sometimes I find with a full novel he doesn't quite get to the end, but a collection of short stories had me wondering and hoping that this might engage him to finish.

These books were a collection of short stories, short enough to ready one as a bed time story but still catching enough for the whole family, including Blair and I  to enjoy. Even Adele would listen intently to each story. But the best part was as the stories were catchy and exciting Ryan would read one at night by himself and not only would he read them, he wanted to read them! They got carried over to the beach, to Nana and Poppas and in the car. They are well loved and have the dog ear look of love. I don't think I have seen him ready so much, It certainly was a shame when they came to an end.

Adele is chopping at the bit to get to the point in her reading so she can read them by herself. Her being a little bit more determined, it shouldn't be far away.

If you want to have a read you can buy them from here

The best thing about the Stories For 7 Year Olds is it is written by some well known New Zealand authors and some wonderful up and coming authors. Its just a little something I quite like.