Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gifts for a new baby

My friend just had her first baby a few weeks ago. A little girl who decided to come about a month early. She is still in hospital but mum is good and baby is doing really well. I am sure they keep them in hospital just to be on the safe side. And I totally agree, I am all about an alive healthy baby! 

They live down south where it is cold, very cold. So of course baby NEEDS a merino lined sleep sack in super cute girlie colours. 

I used a lighter weight merino as I am guessing baby will fit this closer to summer. 

So cute!!!! Because all babies are super sweet.

And I am in the process over making a quilt. Four blocks done, 12 to go. It's all pinks and purples, I am loving it. 

I am home today with Greta, more spots today. Blair has taken Adele away for the day, an attempt to stop the bugs spreading. Not sure if it will work but worth a try. 


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A bit of whipping up

Poor Greta is unwell. A bad case of hand, foot and mouth is going around the Waikato. I haven't any idea where she got it from and I really hope the others don't get it. Unfortunately it meant on Wednesday we had a bit of vomit through her cot and in her sleep sack. I had no time to wash and dry it so I made her a new one. 

I had some Batman fleece left over, enough to make her a sack. Though Blair thinks it is a Pearl Jam sack due to the big Yield on the fabric. When making them only one layer they are pretty quick to make so thankfully I finished it in time for bed and well, she was nice and toasty warm. 

Ryan's decided he likes wearing a singlet under his uniform. He is on day two of the only one he has so this afternoon I quickly made him a couple more. Nice merino so should keep him lovely and warm. He told me in complete wonderment that even without his jersey in he was warm. I need more mum!! 

Adele, of course wants some now. Of course! 


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Half Marathon

So not on a crafting note, but still a bit of an achievement. 

A friend, who I craft with, and I thought it would be a great idea to do a half marathon. All 21 km of it. A lot heap of "fun". I started of training so well, but towards the end, sickness and life got in the way. Instead of making excuses I still went a head and did the run. I was so so so sore on Monday, the day after but now I feel fine. It took me for ever! I had done one before and it was a good enough time. This time it was so long that I  not even mentioning it. But I am proud that I did it and I ran the whole way.

Now we are planing one later in the year. I think we are crazy!!


Very serious this running business! 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Easy Peasy Dress

This dress is the easiest one piece wonder! It is from Sew Baby and I think I am going to have to google this brand to see what else there is. I have made this in one morning in between pottering around, kindy run and odd jobs. I wanted Greta to have a couple of cute tips to go over the sensible merino tops and leggings. Just, you know, look cute, but be warm. I brought the fabric and I really wanted to cut it, but because it is so lovely I didn't want to cut it. I guess a sewer would understand my conflict!!

The fabric is adorable!!! It is by the same designer as the Little Red riding hood fabric I used a few days ago. Her name is Tasha Noel and she designs just lovely fabric. This one is "the simple life". 

And perfectly it goes with the merino top and leggings I made to go under the red riding hood. I think I am in cute outfit heaven!


Friday, May 17, 2013

Batman Jacket

I think I am officially mum of the year. I have been promising Ryan a new jacket for quite a while. Life is busy and it hadn't been overly cold so it was down the priority list. Now it's cold, a mufti day is looming and really it needed to be done.

I used Make it Perfects Big Uptown boys jacket pattern. I think that's what it is called. It came together in an afternoon and morning. And I found the fabric on When Ryan arrived home from hockey it was waiting for him and yes he is pretty happy. 

I am happy too. It's hard to find things to make for him now he is on the cusp of wanting to be cool and still wanting to be my baby. This, though, I think has cool factor and he is still rocking round the house in it. 

I even used Batman fleece so it is super warm. I think my husband secretly wants too.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mothers Day/Birthday Quilt

My mum's birthday is close to Mothers Day. On occasion it even falls in the same day. Since I had made my Dad a quilt I thought I would make her one. I used the same fabrics as the one on Greta's cot so again a bit matchy. Hmmmm maybe I have a sort of OCD about making things match!! 

I used half a jelly roll and a whole bunch of white. It was a roll  made up by my favourite quilting store. I think it was called summer fiesta or something summery. Lots of lovely blues and yellows. I put on a couple of boarders, I was so pleased with them, I think they really finish it. The bigger blue boarder was almost a nightmare! I only had three FQs and I thought "she'll be right" and it wasn't, half a FQ short, I took a photo of the fabric and sent it to the fabric store and asked if they had any more. I wasn't feeling confident as I thought I had bought all of it left in the shop. But, tucked under a whole heap of other FQs they found one lone piece of fabric. I drove straight into town and collected it. 

So the top is all done, just the backing, quilting and binding to go. Practically ready to give, well no not really.

Here's the kids ready for Chapel, yes, Ryan looks super duper happy. 


Thursday, May 9, 2013

And Greta's dress

I had such a small amount left of Adele's fabric that I had to make something that wasn't full or ruffled. I remembered this great dress from Anna-Maria Horners book "handmade beginnings". Such a beautiful book. I had made this dress for Adele and a couple of friends, so it was nice to be able to make Greta one.

I still have to make the leggings and top. I am planning for the girls to wear their dresses to Family Chapel on Sunday.  Ryan will be in his number ones uniform so the girls can be in new dresses. Pretty excited! Now I need a new outfit too!!

So Greta wasn't really in the mood for photos, I tried, even had Blair hold her but no luck. Hopefully I can get a photo from Sunday.

Oh and the last photo is the three girls in their matching skirts. It's not the best either, it was a long day and well it was the best I could get.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Red, red, red!!!

Adele had her tonsils out on Tuesday and whilst she has been a super star, I am going a bit crazy, stuck at home. Doesn't help I have a rotten cold and Blair has glandular fever. Thankfully Greta and Ryan are perfect! 

I am a little bored, so this morning I made a wee red number for Adele. Like I said she has been brilliant. Eating, drinking and taking very little pain relief. So really she deserved a reward, though, folding her washing the other day, she does not, not, need any more clothes. I made a simple dress using Riley Blake's Little Red Riding hood. It is too cute! The fabric I used is rather red, very red. Because it is winter here she couldn't really wear it as it was so I made matching merino leggings and top. Now she is a flurry of bright red. So not only cute but warm. She did need some more merino layers so I feel it was well needed. 

I have a small amount left over so I have an idea of a dress for Greta, that's my plan for this afternoon. I guess I should be happy to be chilling at home but totally over illness. 


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Another sleep sack

A friend asked if I could make her wee man a sleep sack, merino and cotton.

I used the pattern from the one I made for Greta and managed to make a nice double layer sack. I managed to get most of the seams tucked inside so was pretty pleased with it. I was so pleased that I really want to make one for Greta. Sooner rather than later, it's starting to get cold!!