Monday, August 29, 2011


Last week the weather was fantastic and Blair was off work so we were rebels and took Ryan out of kindy for a couple of days and we all took off to the beach. I was really good and didn't take my sewing machine and only cut out a small amount of fabric. It was a tough choice but I sort of needed a bit of a break and we really wanted to make the most of the family time. Ryan will be starting school soon so this month is quite special.
It was great, we had coffee out, lots of walks and Blair even got to go out for a spot of fishing. We go to a really small beach town, Whiritoa, and there is the best park. Well it is small but our kids love it and still love going there. Because the beach is so quiet they get the whole park pretty much to themselves every time.
We have been going there for so long now. We lived there for a few months when we were building our house, Blair and I always comment on how much we loved it. I would happily live there but the commute for Blair's job is just too long to do it forever. It just makes our time over there that much more special!
And of course as any good person does on a break I baked a lemon cake! It was OK, not my usual recipe, had three eggs and only one cup of flour so it was quite egg-y. Must have been OK though as I turned my back and Ryan had eaten half of it, no kidding!!!!
I have been asked to do another fundraiser (well hopefully), so busy trying to work out what I will sew up for it. I have a few tops and adult leggings so thinking a few more kids leggings and some more wraps. Have done quite a bit over the last few days so quite pleased with myself.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Play date for Dell

Today has been another one of those wonderful and perfect spring days. Frosty, freezing morning and then hot and sunny after lunch. So Adele had a little play date with a girl from our Playcentre. Anyone who has kids knows it is always the final 5 mins that they finally start playing with each other. True to form as the mum was loading up their things they were playing out side on the swings. Oh well hopefully next time will go better.

Since we were having a guest I made chocolate cake with.... whipped cream. I love cream. I put in a big teaspoon of vanilla essences and I just may have been dipping bits of cake into it like it was dip. So good.
My latest creation, sorry a bit of shameless advertising! One of my merino hoodies. I am loving grey and purple this winter.

We are hoping this weather holds so we can head over to the beach on Wednesday, fingers crossed!!!!!!!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

black and grey/ grey and black

I have now finished the next colour combination for Blair. I really like this combo too. Some times simple is the best combo. So now this winter Blair has managed to have made three hoodies, all black and grey! Next year I will sneak a bit of colour into his wardrobe, hide all his clothes and make him wear somethin new!!!! Well not really

Monday, August 15, 2011

Another merino hoodie

Blair loved his first hoodie so much he wanted another one. This time he wanted a heavier weighted knit. So of course I said yes. We did a quick trip to the fabric shop and I was getting all excited, what colours this time, blue, rust, red. But no, oh no not at all. Wait for it, it will rock your socks, black....... and .......... grey. What, like your last one!!!!!!!!! Hmmmm yeah, I don't like colour. Wow, exciting! But you know if that's what he feels comfortable in, then that is what I should make. Once in the store I have to admit he did at least pick some lovely textured black and very heavy and a lovely felted grey, marbled colour. So all and all I was pretty pleased. Driving back he asked what I was going to do with the left over fabric and I started a big talk about selling one and off setting the cost of what we spent today, very practical and all. And in a moment of wow, out there babe, he wanted a second hoodie, but the colours the OTHER WAY! So thankfully there was just enough to make two hoodies. So far I have done number one and I do love it and it will keep him so super warm.
The other one is about half done. Have already emailed him a photo and he loves it. And I guess that really is the most important thing.
The kids have been up and down with the most crazy virus. It has lasted a good two months, if not more. Coughing, temps and just super grumpy. Not I think I have it. So totally drained and really I could go back to bed now. I just have to get to about 4 when Blair gets home. Trying to keep busy, I sat in the bean bag before and if Adele hadn't jumped on me I would be asleep.
Man it has taken me forever to write this!
o.k time for some more mousse

WIP and pudding

It is heading to the end of the month and I finally got round to starting my Amy Butler style stitches bag. This month it is the Fringed Hobo Bag. I can admit to not really liking this one AT ALL. Once I looked on the hosts blog and saw a few of the others and saw the inspiration I got a bit more enthused about it. And I saw a few with out the fringe and that appealed to me a whole lot more. I had some floral, purple fabric left over from a skirt I made and just needed the fleece, facing and contrasting fabric. The thing with Amy Butler's patterns is they are well made and constructed. Due to this, the other bits you need quickly add up. Once I finally worked out how to attached the contrasting yolk part (I just couldn't work out her instructions, I had it in my head one way and when her instructions didn't match my brain I just couldn't get it to work. A little googling and problem solved) it came together pretty quickly. I have done the outer layer and the lining will be a whole heap quicker as it doesn't have the contrasting yolk. Not sure what I will do with the bag, I am thinking maybe a Christmas present. Blair's family doesn't read this so I can show you anything I do for them as it happens. Anyway, here is the outer
I made another batch of cheese a few days ago and we had a whole heap of cream left over. So Blair wanted me to make him chocolate mousse. So a whole heap of cream and dark chocolate mixed together and is at this moment in the fridge setting. YUM!!!!!!
I have layered it with the mousse, grated chocolate and whipped cream. Oh my it is going to be so tasty. Now the recipe is from Donna Hay's chocolate book.
Melt 200 grams of chocolate with 75 grams butter butter together on a low heat, stir until smooth. Pour into a bowl and beat in 4 egg yolks. Whip 1 cup of cream to soft peaks. Set aside. Whisk the 4 egg whites with 2 table spoons of icing sugar. Fold cream into chocolate and then the egg whites. Pour into fancy glasses and chill for 3 hours.
Today was super productive as I made cupcakes, went fabric shopping, cut out two jerseys for Blair and turn the cheese. Just call me supermum!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dolly quilt for Wendy

For a long time when ever I asked Adele what the name of her doll was it was buba. So we all took to calling her doll that. Then one day out of the blue she said her dolls name was Wendy. So now we all call the doll Wendy. My first doll was called Vanessa, so I guess Wendy is pretty good.

The weather is meant to be turning for the worse in a big way, and poor Wendy is the only one in the family without a blanket. Of course I have house work galore to do, and get the kids ready for a party, still get Ryan to make his card...But by gosh we couldn't have Wendy getting cold tonight.

So I made her a quilt. I sort of made it up as I went. To begin with I cut the large piece of floral fabric I had in half. Then I used my gathering foot on my overlocker to attach the blue ruffle to the top of the quilt. Sandwiched it all up with a bamboo inner. I just sewed around the edge and turned it in the right way and top stitched. Plus appliqued a patchwork heart. For the heart I cut out the shape of the heart from a piece of left over batting. Then I cut strips from the scrappy pieces of the fabric. Sewed them directly on to the heart until it was all covered and then sewed it on to the quilt. All done. Took maybe 30 mins. I am pretty pleased with it.

Most importantly Wendy will be all warm.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blue pancakes...I am such a rock n roll star!

I am sure, like most schools around the world, you will be familiar with some sort of healthy eating program at schools. The kids learn good/some times foods, blah blah blah. I do support it, I think it is a great idea, to a point. At our last Playcentre meeting one of the mums was getting all up set that we made cheese scones and biscuits as part of our process baking. They weren't healthy enough. Fair point if that was ALL your child ate. But the mums are a great bunch who have their kids eat a balanced diet of foods. So anyway I was feeling slightly annoyed at been "told off" and then my son came home from kindy and announced that he would no longer eat raisins as they had sugar in them. Man alive!!! So I made blue pancakes and covered them with syrup...for the kids. Adele turned her nose up at them, but Ryan, boss of the good/bad foods, ate a whole bunch. And yes I did send him outside for a few hours to run it all off. And I might just have used cream instead of milk. See I am a rock n roll star!!!!!

This is the second bunch of 9 square blocks. They are all sewn together now. Still haven't managed to get into town to get a new cutter. At least now I have them already to go. Then a whole bunch more sewing to put them back together. I have two spare which I am planning to make matching pillowslips with. We have quite pain walls and black curtains, so a bit of colour is totally going to "rock". On a theme here!!!

Blair is working again tonight, not sure what to do with myself now. Of course there is always some sewing to do but my plan was to work on the quilt that is now finished. Well finished as far as I can go. Oh dear what to do...


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A whole lot of quilting!!!!!

I have been rushed, flat out doing sewing for my "Silly Goose". So unless it has been essential sewing, clothes for Ryan, jersey for Blair, I haven't really had any time for much else! Dont get me wrong I am super pleased at how well that side of my life has been going, amazed!!! BUT, I really am falling behind in my quilt a long through Donna's and my own quilt, well next winter at this stage. So tonight I got my current orders done (yes Lucy if you are reading this, no lies it is all done) and since Blair is doing a night shift I have been at the sewing machine for nearly two hours quilting! It was quite soothing. I think I needed it.This is my first four months worth of blocks all sewn together. I learned a very valuable lesson, need using your quilting foot, don't forget what the 1/4 inch marking is and then have half the seams in 1/4 and half in 1/2. Hence you seem some random blue boarders. Adds a bit of individuality. I am not too worried after all as I have said before, it is all about the learning! I think this will end up making quite a good size lap quilt. Or maybe even a play blanket for the kids outside when they are building forts or having tea parties. Either way I am sure this will get a lot of fun use.
I have finally made a massive amount of progress on our quilt! My cutter is blunt so I thought best not to try and cut the sewn 9 square blocks. I now have 5 made blocks for cutting and two completed blocks. I am just loving the full on colours of this one! I am sure the massive white squares will work out perfect. Tone it down a little. Every time I do some work on this it makes me happy. So on my bed I am hoping my room will be a whole bunch of colourful happiness!

Now off to watch some trashy reality t.v. Something Blair HATES!!! Yes I know I shouldn't but since I am not eating chocolate a bit of mindless t.v. is o.k?? He is working tomorrow night too, so hopefully I manage to finish of the rest of the big blocks. I think I need to do six more, I managed five tonight so that should be easy.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pants for my wee man

I feel a wee bit sorry for Ryan, there is hundreds of lovely cute girls patterns for everything, boys not so much. To me a lot of the patterns are very similar and not a whole lot of variety. I do try very hard to make sure he gets his fair share of sewing, a lot of it is the same old stuff over and over again. So far he hasn't noticed this and is just happy to get something new. So this morning I made him a new pair of pants. He picked out this fabric ages ago from Spotlight when he was going through his soldier stage. Then he didn't like it because it wasn't all green and just recently he likes it again, so striking while the iron is hot I made these. It is the good old, well used, Burda 9641. I have made these so so many times and I quite like it. 4 year old boys love pockets for treasures and these have great pockets, plus you can put many many more on. The fabric is a drill, so hopefully be hard wearing as he is starting to wear out his knees, I think the sand pit is becoming a firm favourite at kindy.
Been a productive morning as I have also made a new batch of cheese. I managed to get 6 rounds this time, which is brilliant as I usually get 4 and a bit. So very pleased. No idea why I got more this time, made it exactly the same as all the others, but certainly not complaining!
Oh and the birthday present was well received!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another party

We are in the first weekend of our 5 parties in a row. Ryan's friends are all hitting the 5. His is in the middle. So of course since they all are in kindy at the same age and our coffee groups is one that is still going strong, we have a whole bunch in August/September.
Since this year I am all about home made gifts I made another home made gift for this party. Finished 5 mins ago and the party is at ten, some might say last minute, others would say perfect time management :).I used this pattern, I found it randomly in a fabric shop a couple of years back. I have made Adele one, and the wee girl I have made the new one for always plays with Adele when she comes round to play. So I thought it would be the perfect gift. Even better I had every thing in my stash. EVERYTHING, the batting, trim, and fleece. I was pleased and free gift, well sort of!
Without the mattress.
And with the mattress. The family live in a restored villa, so I thought the fabrics would suit them/her perfectly. It is Poddle by Jennifer Paganelli and I brought it from Sew Pretty, she is on Facebook and has a website. Adele has been eyeing this up all morning, I hope she is still happy with her one.
Unfortunately that is all on the crafting front. It has been the first week back at kindy so all of our family has been a little tired. I feel I could sleep for a super long time! I still have to find fabric for my Crafty Crap sew along, it is the Boho Fringed bag by Amy Butler, I think I am a little uninspired because I don't really like it. I am sure once I have done it I will love it but...
Right time to get these kids dressed and myself through the shower!