Friday, November 30, 2012

First Christmas Creation

First of December means... Christmas setting up time!!!!!!!! I have put the quilts on the kids beds, hung a bunting and got the decorations out of storage. Because I knew the time was near, yesterday I made a new table runner. I liked my one from last year but wanted a new one for our coffee table. Festive up another room a wee bit.

I bought the pattern from Etsy by I think her Etsy shop is Quilt Story. I am sure there is a link from her blog. It was pretty easy to use. I brought a fat quarter pack from Spotlight and I am happy with how it all turned out. The middle tree is cherub angel kids. They are just so cute!

I want to make a few more things but this year is going by so fast. I am only making one present this year. An outfit for my niece. And of course an outfit for my kids. But that's it. More time to do Christmas baking and stuff for the family. They were pretty pleased to see their quilts. And that makes me pretty pleased too.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ryan's Sports Day

Ryan had his sports day last week. His house colour is yellow, he was dressed in yellow. Myself and the girls went along to watch and I thought that we would dress in supporter colours in something that could be wearable, yellow and still nice. You know wear again outside of school.

Adele has a silly amount of clothing and so does Greta, already!! Adele got a hat. She seems to always be missing a hat and at kindy they aren't allowed outside if they forget their hat. So now she has a couple of spare. I also spied some sequin fabric so made a skirt. I figure this can go in the dress up box. And wee Greta got a little top. Adele's hat I used the "Make it Perfect" bucket hat. The skirt was a super basic elastic waist band skirt and Greta I made a tube, put in 6 rows of shirring and a basic tie shoulder. Simple, easy and they looked pretty good. One of the teachers made a passing comment and I replied "oh yes house colours, made this morning" and he was all like wow what will you do next year. Yeah, I hadn't really thought of that. All ready starting to plan that. he he

It was a great day and I was very proud of Ryan, but notice I have no photos. Eck, bad mummy moment.


Friday, November 16, 2012

An Izzy and Ivy Little Vicki

The thing with following blogs and store Facebook pages is that when they make something cute I, of course, want to make my own.... RIGHT NOW!

My fave quilting store, Donna's, posted a picture of their version of the Little Vicki dress I thing it was the next day I was in buying the pattern. It took a bit long to fin d the right fabric for it. They used the fabric I used to make Adele's quilt and since I was making the dress for Adele I thought that might just be a bit weird. I mean there is matching and then there is weird.

So the other day  it was raining so I went to Spotlight. Usually during kindy time Greta and I go for a walk or a run by the river, so since it was raining I had to find something else to do. Spotlight was having a sale, I got a bargain. I brought three different floral in blue fabrics. I let Adele choose which ever one she wanted. I had one I thought she would pick, no, she picked a different one. I love the one she picked and I went back this afternoon and got the matching small flower version to use as the band of the dress. It makes the dress look old fashioned (in a really good way).

Even found the perfect buttons for a bit of detail. After a dreadful start to the dress it finished off perfectly. And yes, the buttons are a bit crocked.

I love this photo, she is such a personality plus girl! And she HAD to have Greta in the photo. She just loves her to pieces.

The bigger flowers does have the smallest flick of red in it, so the small flower fabric complements it so well. I want a dress like this!

I chipped a way at it though the day. It took a bit longer than I thought because I kept making mistakes. It was a hard day to concentrate, wet weather, stuck inside, fighting kids, awesome. But all done now, she can wear it tomorrow and look cute!


Monday, November 12, 2012


I bought a couple of new patterns of Etsy "Vintage to New". She makes baby and wee girl patterns and you have to buy them as a PDF download. I usually stay away from down loads, but this time I am so glad I bought them. Super duper cute and a little bit different.

Ruffle bloomers, really what could be cuter!

I went with a very colourful over skirt with complementing spotty bloomers. It is from the same fabric line called "Fly Away". The best thing about making baby stuff is you can splash out and buy the expensive fabrics, you need so little of it. I brought a half metre of each and have enough left over to make another set. Not that I will but I could.

She isn't sitting by herself, you can just make my arm out holding her up, I was trying to get a good picture of the outfit but I just couldn't. Trust me, it is very cute. (Could I use the word even more??!!??)

On Saturday night Blair and I had our first night off. We went to the Coldplay concert and it was awesome. We even went out for dinner, had a drink, a coffee and then of course the concert. Greta woke just as we got home so perfect timing. Mum and Dad did a great job of looking after the three of them.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Re-vamped Sewing Room

I have a friend who restores furniture, waaaay out of my price range but it got me thinking. I needed a buffet type thing to house all of my sewing and crafty things. A few hours later looking through a whole bunch of pieces on Trade Me (NZ E-bay) I found what I was looking for and even better, in my region and in my price range! We picked it up this afternoon and I think I am in love with it.

This evening is the cleanest my sewing room has been since I moved into it. I feel things sort of have a place now. Next I am saving for a decent sewing table. Friends gave me a table, which has been brilliant, but my space is quite small and the table is quite deep so on the look out for something a bit thinner. Then I can put my shelf back in and my little side table. I really want to sew now, oh and I need a wee table top ironing board. Buy one thing and it leads to a million other things needed ;)