Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Baking with my Boy

I asked Ryan what he wanted to do a few days back and it was to bake a cake with me. So simple, yet something I really struggle with. But, I made the effort and had a wonderful time doing it. He enjoyed it so much that I felt guilty I haven't done more of it. Certainly something we have to do more of.

We made raspberry chocolate cake. Oh my it is my most favourite chocolate cake. It is one we make a lot and I have blogged about it before. Ryan was so proud of this cake, telling Adele all about the ingredients and eating half of it, at least!!.

Maybe he will make me a birthday cake ;) I very much doubt it, I don't usually get one, but each year I hope that I do. Surely sometime soon they will make me one


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A little bit of photography

I cam across a photography weekly challenge. On Pinterest, one of those random lists that gives you a bit of direction for a few weeks. This challenge is 20 weeks with a whole bunch of different things to try to photograph. I figure it is a great challenge for me as I don't really know what style, things or anything really about me as a photographer. All I know is I love taking photos and I love a challenge and I love lists.

This week is "self portrait". I must admit from summer I am noticing that I am missing from the family photos. Apparently you can buy a remote control to take photos, I might need to invest in one. Soon it will start to look like I have left the family, all these lovely shots of Blair and the kids.

So here is "Self Portrait"

You might not be able to see in a small photo, but I am in that bubble.

I am starting to notice that I really like black and white photos. I like the contrast.  Each Wednesday I am aiming to post my photos from each weeks challenge.

My application has been sent of to do that course, now I just have to wait to see if I am accepted. I have no idea how long that is going to take, hopefully I will find out soon as it starts on the 3 March.

And of course not long till Adeles birthday. Party planning is in full swing. I have to sit down and write a list of what I want to make and what exactly I need. I may be going a little over board, but hey, its her party and if she wants it why not!! (Of course I am not going super crazy, I more mean in terms of cute cakes and home made stuff).

Also we are preparing to move. Into the new house! So not only is it party time it is packing and sort out stuff time AND next week Adele starts school. Man oh man, we don't make life easy at all here.

Right time to head off for my third to last kindy pick-up. I just know I am going to cry on Friday.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Birthday Skirt

Birthday party invites are starting to come in again. Adele has had two parties this week, Ryan has a couple before school goes back, a friends baby is turning one and, of course, we have Adeles big party. Oh and a birthday for me, but no party.

The party we went to on Sunday was our old neighbours daughter. Adele and her had been the best of friends and it was so sad when we moved away. We have caught up a couple of time since we moved, the girls still love each other to bits. When we arrived at the party from that moment on I am not sure if the girl played with any of her other guests.

I made her a skirt, her mum is all into home made things so I knew it would appreciated. Plus, I knew she would like the style as a friend of hers posted a picture of her daughter in the style of this skirt. She had commented on how much she liked it. So I sort of copied the skirt. I made it fit Adele, they are the same size so I knew it would fit her. It was easy to recreate. A lot of straight cutting and sewing.

I used the matching purple spots and chevron to Adele's pink. I would really like a picture of the girls in their sort of matching outfits. I really hope she wears her skirt to Adele's party.

And of course a cute picture of Greta. She kept popping up in the photos of I was trying to take of the skirt. Of course I have to include one.

I am about to send off the enrolment form to do a Diploma in Photography. Whether this leads to a career change I don't know, but the next couple of years will be filled with learning and be interesting. I am looking forward to it, but sort of nervous too. I haven't done study in a while so I hope I can manage it, and the kids and everything else.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Back to Real Life

What a great summer holidays the kids have had. We have been to three different beaches. Spent about three weeks away from Hamilton and spent a lot of time with friends and family. Today is the first day in forever at home. Well until a few hours as we are off to a movie.

I have been doing a bunch of cooking and baking, just the normal staples. Vanilla cake and onion relish. Not together of course. I didn't get as much sewing done as planned, but that was mainly due to us being so busy having fun.

When we got home from one stay at the beach we found we had been robbed. Not too much was taken, TV, laptops, you know, all the electronic stuff and thankfully the house wasn't trashed. Bags opened and tipped out. Still a yucky feeling. And put a bit of a downer on things. Thankfully three days later we were off to another beach and all that became a distant memory.

Today I have started on Adele's birthday. So far we have made the invitations and I managed to make her dress. Got to have a birthday dress!

I used a pattern called Stella by Violette Field Threads. It is so simple and perfect. Adele has been wanting a one shoulder dress for ages. I found this on Pinterest, got the pattern and all done. I got the fabric from good old Spotlight. Adele picked it. I also got the same fabric in a purple. I might just make matching dresses.

So my poor Adele had a hearing re-test at the hospital last week. And it turns out she will be needing hearing aids for life. She had them fitted the other day. It comes as a huge shock to us as she has a great vocabulary and we never suspected a thing. But the aids are really "cool" and the child gets to pick bright colours and they are just so better than I thought they would be. And it means she will hear properly and learn more and really once we got over the shock I am not to fazed by it.

Adele getting her moulds taken.

So life continues on, 2014 appears to be equally as busy and crazy as 2013.