Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rainbow Cake

Since seeing the amazing Rainbow cake over on www.paisleyjade.com I have really wanted to have a go. So Blair arranged a family fishing trip, Blair, the kids, his parents, sister, husband and his sister and I stayed back. I wasn't feeling to flash so a day sitting in a boat didn't sound too good. After they left the cake jumped into my mind and I thought now was as good as time as any!
Thankfully I did pick a day with no one around as it took ages. I only could do one cake at a time, just due to the oven so I was cooking for three hours. Plus then I had to wait for them to cool and then carefully stack. No distractions was pretty good!
Basically I made a simple vanilla cake times 2. Divided the mixture of each cake into three, giving me six bowls of mixture. I then coloured each one. I used heaps of colouring. I wanted it super duper bright. The purple cake, my first one, didn't have enough colouring and was a bit bland. Even Ryan asked what was wrong with it. Then once cooled I put a whole heap of white chocolate ganache between the layers, helped stick them together and poured a whole heap over the top.
White Chocolate Ganache:
Two king size bars of white chocolate
200mls on cream
Slowly melt and mix together. Place in fridge until at the right consistency.
I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. The slices were so huge that even I couldn't eat my whole piece! Ryan had great fun pulling his apart and eating them in order of his favourite colours. You can't be grumpy with a Rainbow cake! Which in a way was quite fitting as a couple of heated discussions came up over wedding plans. I kept saying, come on, eat more rainbow cake, you can't be sad! I think everyone was getting sick of me haha.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Finally the wedding day!

Don't they look so cute!!!Finally the wedding day was here and then it was all over, quick as a flash. They did such a great job, I don't know if there was ever a ring bearer who took his job so serious. He knew when to move, on what cue and took the wee pillow straight to it intended location. Adele only got a bit worried when she ran out of petals and didn't know quite what to do, lucky Ryan took hold of her hand and moved her along saying it was o.k. Very impressed with my big boy!
After the service, once the bride and groom left for photos we took the kids to a friends house so we could have a bit of kid-free time. It was so lovely, the reception. Blair and I even had a wee dance.
Now we are back into it all. Adele is back at kindy this week, Ryan, school next week. I have signed up to do the Women's Expo in May. I have so much work to do for it. I am excited but freaken out. I am worried about the money side of it all. It is going to be such a huge financial commitment that I hope it at least pays for itself and has a bit of a positive run on. My biggest fear is it is an expensive fail!
I have to do some baking this morning or else poor Adeles kindy lunchbox will be a bit bare.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

RIng Bearer Pillow

Wedding prep is in full swing now, so a couple of days ago I made a ring bearer pillow for Ryan to carry the rings on. I found a few on the net I liked, some I loved but I haven't been the best lately and was feeling a little tired so I sort of made this up as I went. I used inspiration from a bag I made ages and ages ago which was a whole heap of pleats. I used some left over fabric from Adele's dress and a tulle ribbon also from Adele's left overs. The bride loves it and is very pleased. And in a bit of an up-cycling, I used the inner from an old pillow to stuff it. I forgot to buy some, it was after hours and it did the trick!So this is pretty much how I copy recipes now. This is a good old fruit sponge. Love my spelling mistake! It is nice, great with a bit of custard. But the exciting thing (well for me) was I used a jar of apples I have had in my pantry. FOR THREE YEARS!!!!!!! It was one of the first things I bottled. It tasted perfectly fine, looked lovely and no one knew till after every one had eaten it all, some had seconds. No one could tell! So it has re-newed my desire to bottle more fruit.
Right, dinner time, time to feed the troops!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Princess dress

In two weekends the kids are being a flower girl and page boy at their aunty's wedding. I have been pretty given free range on what to make Adele. There are so many options out there it took quite a while before I could pick one dress. Even then I thought very long and hard about it. Still checking around for other ideas. I can't imagine I will get another chance for Adele to be a flower girl, so this really is a once in a life time thing for me to make a dress like this. I picked Simplicity 2463. The dress came to a "V" at the front, I didn't really want the "v" so I made it a drop waist straight the whole way round. I am so pleased with the dress. Even Blair, who usually doesn't get too excited about my sewing, love it. "Oh Adele will look beautiful, you have done such a great job" Blair said. So I am feeling rather happy.
Here it is completely finished. I love the wee bunches, makes it look like a real princess dress. It took a while, about 6 hours or longer. And metres and metres of fabric. Very much worth it though as she loves it. I am sure the bride will.
And then to top my day off I made another batch of these biscuits. I had coffee group here today. The kids didn't like the dark chocolate, which was fine by me, more for us adults! Thankfully we had a sunny day so the kids played outside all morning. Loving the great weather and sunny day!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Quilt top done, another started

With all this rain I have been putting the inside time to good use. Blair was entertain the kids and I was sewing up a storm. Finally, after I think a year maybe, I finished this quilt top for us! Of course I still need backing and binding but I sort of feel finished when I get to this part. And I think I have even made it the right size. I am so pleased with how it has finished. I can just imagine it is going to look so fantastic once it is all done. I love the bright colours.
See pretty big, this is over the bonnet of a car. I have put it over the bed here and it has over hang, so I am guessing that it should be prefect on our bed at home.
Since there was even a few more days of rain I have started another quilt. I cut 21 10 inch blocks from all my scrap fabrics and just had to buy the contrast. So a free quilt! I am doing the wonky blocks. I think I will put an edge around each block and then put them together. Sort of define them a bit. Plus I think it will make them so together nicely. Plus I am sort of making it up as I go. I have seen a few and like them, but I haven't drawn up a plan as such. So hopefully I will have enough blocks.
Plus the other day (New Years Eve day) I cut out 60 ish 5 inch blocks to make a quilt I read about in a crafting mag. Again from my scrap bin. I aim this year is to make a dent in my scrap bins and make up some of the scrappy sort of quilts I have seen and like. I have one here at the beach with me and it was over flowing when we arrived and with the quilts and buntings it has emptied out a bit, I can now fit my iron and a few other things in with the fabrics. I want to finish these two before I look at the next project.
We had a very quiet NYE. We watched the Glee marathon, I was happy, Blair not so much. We saw in the new year and then went to bed. Pretty exciting aye!
Hope you all have a great 2012, I am sure looking forward to seeing what it may bring.