Monday, February 28, 2011

This is helping??

I was trying to lay out my new quilt top to see what else it need, how big it was, you know what I mean, and my little girl wanted to help me, didn't she do well! I love that she is into being like mummy, I often find her in our spare room laying out more pieces to the postage stamp quilt and looking so pleased with her efforts. I find it some what satisfying that she likes to do what I do, I am sure that stage will pass! So anyway this is beautiful Michael Miller fabric, zoology I think it is called. I have seen it used a lot of the web. Mine is pretty plain, but I think teamed with good old black cotton, the colours seem to "pop" so much more. I am quite liking it. This is going to be the first quilt I add to my shop, so hopefully it looks ok when done. I am doing long skinny rectangles and either quilting it with batting and flannel, or stitching it straight on to fleece, to make it a bit more snugly, can't decide.

Other projects, made Ryan a pair of pirate shorts and am a little gutted I didn't take a photo, but I am sure I will get a chance tomorrow when it is time for their first wear. And I am busy making hats, hats and more hats. Oh and I made my soft toy for the quake. It was a "Me and my sister" design and really simple. The kids love it and keep asking where their one is. He is nice and bright and has a red flannel bottom. I filled him with rice, I quite like the feel of him like that. So he will be sent off to a new home tomorrow. Hopefully he will get a whole bunch of cuddles, since well that is what he is used to already.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I-pad cover, too much, not at all!

For my birthday my husband splashed out and treated me to a fantastic I-pad, I just love it!! I am not one who usually gets all excited about teckie stuff, If I can't use it straight away I don't want it. But this is so easy and just so cool. I got the standard cover for it but I wanted something a bit more, well girlie. A black standard cover sort of screamed business to me, and I am not that at all!.

So I whipped this up Saturday morning, it is fully lined (of course) and padded AND quilted. I love this fabric and had no idea what to do with it, I wanted something for me, Adele has waaaay to many clothes as it is and it was only fat quarters, so really it was perfect!

So now my I-pad looks rather stylish I think! I think I will make another one, but with a "lid". A flap to fold over the top, make a bit more enclosed. This one is a little snug, so a tiny bit bigger too, though if I took it out of its black case I am sure it would be a perfect fit.

Well enough for now, I have a baby quilt to make a start on, I am hoping I have enough to make two at the same time, not so sure though.

T x

Friday, February 25, 2011

double post...but for a good cause
Join in and do a little something

party skirt and hat

This is what I made last night for a friends little girl. Her birthday is tomorrow and with no chance of getting out to buy a present I made this little matching set. I just love the material in the skirt, if I had more I would have made myself something. this wee outfit only used 3 FQ, so pretty pleased with it. It is from I think and it is the part of the Michael Miller range, not sure of the name. At least I think this is where I got it from. Or
The hat is from Make it Perfect (again) and the skirt I just cut 4 rectangles of the two materials, made a band and tread some elastic, so just made it up. I made it really full, just because that is what I like on little girls!
I am going to make some of the skirts for my shop, I have some more fabric from that range, but different patterns. I have a few likers so far, I haven't really wanted to go on too much about it with everything that has happened in Christchurch. But I guess, as sad as it is, life does go on. I have to stop myself from reading and listening as I have been crying every few hours about it all. I have the tendency to think about things way too much, about how I would feel if it was me and become a bit over engrossed. I will know all the stats and stories. So I guess yesterday I needed a bit of a break, so made some stuff. I have been in touch with friends and family and my Nana is coming to stay in Hamilton next week, and I am picking her up for the airport. Go to look after family!
Ok right, best go
T x

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Postage stamp quilt...DONE!

Well the top part is, since I get them professionally quilted, and that takes time and money, I considered them done once the top is done. I am so so pleased. It looks o.k, could be straighter, but over all I love it. From a distance you cant notice the wobbly bits, and some time I have to learn to give myself a break, I can't be perfect all the time ;).

So here it is (the lime sort of looks yellow, but it is lime)
It is 150 cm by 150 cm.

Blair rung me today and told me we are invited to a first birthday party on Sunday for a couple he works with. Great, love birthday parties, but I am working tomorrow, all day, so been busy trying to sort out a wee home made gift. I am doing a skirt with matching hat. About half way so will post some photos tomorrow if I get the change. All go at our house!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Super short post

I have loaded a few thing in my "shop". I am finding it hard to be focused with everything that has been going on. I have a few family and friends in Christchurch, and a few I didn't hear from till late last night, but at least I am one of the lucky ones that has every one accounted for.

So to stop myself from watching the news all day, like I have the tendency to do in things like this, I made another sew a long hat. Which I guess now isn't really a sew along since I have made two hats... but hey I still loved been part of it all and will do the next one and one after, so Hazel, you have me for the long haul! So I made a bigger, size large, for Ryan I and I do think it sits a lot better. I brought a 5 pack of fat quarters and was able to get two hats, though Ryans one was a little pack-work, but if I had know I was going to do two it would have been ok I think. So that makes them about $15 each and I am happy with that, after all they ARE batman. So he is spider man in the photo but it is usually batman. And Adele love anything Ryan has so it works out better her having her own one. So really everyone is super happy, for once.

Update of postage stamp quilt, just be I know you care hee hee Another row done, two to go!

T x

Monday, February 21, 2011

About to launch....very scared!

I am going to start a small Facebook "shop". Basically I love to create, and I create a whole bunch of stuff for, well, no-one and end up giving it away to almost strangers. Don't get me wrong, I love giving gifts (cut out another quilt top this evening to give away). But I have a couple of piles of things that have no home, what so ever. And another whole bunch of things cut out, sitting on my sewing desk waiting for a home. So, what I am planning, hoping, dreaming? Maybe, that some of the extra things I make, I could sell off, and maybe, hopefully help fund my sewing addiction. I don't know, do you think it would work?? I would love to do a market, but the hard thing for me is I have paid work every second Saturday, and Blair works every third weekend...see our weekends are rather special. Anyway, I have no idea if it will work, and I have no idea if people even look at this blog to know I am doing this. Man I am writing very confusing tonight. So if you would like to "like" my page, my page is called Silly Goose. Why?? Well I am always telling my children that they are Silly Gooses, and I sort of liked the name. So here we go, could be good, or terrible. I hope I don't cry!

T x

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh dear, sorry Sew Addictive Fabrics

So the sew along is starting today. Got my pattern and fantastic fabrics last week in the mail. (Pattern by Make if Perfect) I had been so good, only getting the pattern out last night, not even tracing it.... Put my fabrics to the bottom of my piles so not to play too much with them... Then on Saturday I went to pick up my block of the month fabric from Donna's, my son spied some super cool Batman fabric, which they sold in fat 1/4 bundles. He knows my weakness, he knew he had me at "mummy I have found some material I like". So yes I brought it, and yes I traced my pattern and yes I made my hat. But, judge, in my defence, it is NOT my sew along fabric so it doesn't count...does it??

I do like the hat. It is cool, especially in batman fabric, the only thing is I think I needed to make it a size bigger. I measured his head, and I could not believe that a four year old would need a large, but I guess he did. It fits, but he has to give it a bit of a tug, which I am not so sure he will do at kindy, and I wonder if it will keep the sun off. So if you are going to make it, maybe go bigger, in my opinion. I could be wrong. I have found this with other hats too, maybe my children just have big heads..who knows.

See pretty cool!

So yes my other project, the quilting from Donna's. I am quite excited about this as I have never done a block of the month quilt. This year they are doing row of the month instead. I think to mix it up a bit. I picked modern floral on white. And the first months colours don't disappoint. My husband is working late afternoons this week and I am hoping to get a whole heap done on my list, including this row. It is traditional type quilting, so a whole bunch of triangles which I have tried to stay away from. So this is going to be a good test for me. And I see it as a fun way to build some new skills. I have only really made squares and strips. It will be good!
Half my postage stamp quilt is all together, so just another three rows, 18 blocks or a million little strips. But I am making progress and falling in love with it. Which I guess is good as I have no one to gift it too. It might end up at the beach on Adele's bed there. And that wont be a bad thing at all.
Right well as it is sort of our weekend, I am a SAHM and Blair works shifts all over the place, I have a bottle of wine in the fridge which I think we are going to have a couple of glasses of and probably talk all night about the children. Funny how that is the way!
T x

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sew along with my-crafty-crap

For a bit of a break from sewing line after line, I came across this sew a long and just KNEW I had to join. The fantastic book that I got, Amy Butlers Style Stitches, well a lady who does the has started a sew a long, every month we do one of the bags in this book, starting at the front and working our way through. Brilliant I though and it really is. So I made this months bag, which was a basic reversible shopper. A really big size and would fit a whole heap of shopping in. The only downside is that with the whole "trying no to buy" thing going on, I made it with what I had, so the fabrics don't co-ordinate as much as I would like....But it is a grocery bag and it will work sweet. So this is it... the fabric was some I had left over from a quilt backing, it is really lovely and had planned on making Adele another dress, but really how many dresses does one little girl need? I can't wait to go and do some shopping now...maybe some


My dear friend looked after my little girl a couple of mornings back whilst my son was at kindy. We are planning on doing it as a weekly swap, I have her little boy for a few hours and then a couple of days later she has mine. Means we both get a couple of hours "off" a week. And really that's all I feel I need. So this week Blair and I went went out for coffee, we do it a lot with the kids already, but by ourselves was a rare treat. I could savour my coffee and not scold my mouth trying to drink it before tantrums! Was very good!!!

And to end on a super duper exciting note, tomorrow is the start of my block of the month quilt by Donna's in Hamilton. It is the first time I have joined in with something like this. No idea what the pattern, fabric any thing! YAY


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Getting there sslllooowwwlyy

I am finally starting to feel like I am making progress with my postage stamp quilt. Like I have already said, it is pretty slow going. I have put in quite a few hours, enough to finish pretty much any other quilt I have done. And I know that hard work does get its own rewards, and I have been trying so hard to cut perfect, sew is still not lining up perfect. I mean it is pretty good, but just not perfect. So I am a little bit gutted with my efforts. Not at the quilt, I guess at myself.

But anyway here is a progress update photo: The good thing is it looks fantastic in the photo and I know I should not be so hard on myself but I guess I thought I was getting a whole heap better.

But on a much much brighter note, been playing with some of my stash and I think I have enough to do a few more projects, so very pleased about that. Oh and I may just have brought a teeny bit more fabric. But to be fair some of it was to finish other projects so that might not count. I know that I am tricking myself but hey I am OK with that tee hee hee


Monday, February 14, 2011

My work in progress

Anyone who knows me know I jump into any project with gusto and get it finished ASAP... This quilt top is so so so slow going, but I am still very excited about it and even make up a block before I had finished cutting, I need to know that the colours and everything was going to be OK. There is a whole heap of cutting. I was cutting for a good couple of hours last night, and been doing a whole heap more tonight. I think I should get it done tonight, well I hope as I want to lay it all out tomorrow. I was so focused on cutting that I almost burnt my cake. Something I never do, it was a very close call.

So here is me busy sewing up a storm, notice the piles of fabric on the table... what to do next??

So it looks like a lot of lime, but trust me under the layers is a whole heap of the other colours! I think it looks really summery and maybe suit a new baby, not sure what to do with it once it is finished. I am sure I can find it a home.

My new book...CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! Already found a pattern AND even better I have enough fabric already! Well for the fancy patterned bit, so only need to buy a small amount. Very pleased with myself.
I have a whole heap of ideas in my wee head at the moment. I would love to be able to make a tiny little bit of money from my hobby, not a world conquering amount, but enough to make it cover its own expense. I am sure other crafters (if I can call my self one) get what I mean. I love making things, but how many quilts, dresses, shorts do my own children need. Trust me their dressers are already exploding! I guess I lack confidence maybe, or I think it might be I see all these super amazing people doing super amazing stuff and I am not sure if I am kidding myself a bit.... hmmmmm will keep thinking about it all
T x

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My postage stamp quilt

Been busy working away on my next quilt top. This is after reading the blog, and seeing the most amazing quilts on her flicker group. Though the quilt a long is well finished, I had a lovely fat quarters and a fat eighths bundle, matching, with no direction on them. I brought them because I liked them, no idea what, who and when for. So I thought this would be quite a nice one. They are "busy" patterns so this with all the white I think and hope makes a great contrast. So I have been sewing up the cut strips, hopefully get them all sewn up tonight so I can iron and cut tomorrow.
So as you can see teal, lime and purple! It should make a 60" by 60" quilt and then I will see if I want to put a border or just leave it. A friend is having a baby so I am think if a girl this might be a nice present.

Other crafting projects..... Well just this and the quilt top for my son, slowly working through my list, though does it count if I add other projects he he he he

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ryans shirt

Here is Ryan in his guitar shirt. I used burda 9792 and added a whole heap of length, maybe a bit too much but hopefully it will last a little longer. He picked out this fabric and was pretty excited about it, not that you can tell from the photo. I don't really enjoy shirts, I find them rather fiddly, but there really isn't a heck of a lot to make boys so I try and make him and summer and winter shirt. So this is summer.

Other than this been cutting strips and making more relish, bubbling away as I type. All the kids activities have started up again so not as much free time to craft, and I have been playing a silly computer game instead of sewing... but tonight I feel the desire to create!

T x

Monday, February 7, 2011

I have been bad.....

I have been so bad, yesterday I cut out a whole heap of 2.5 inch strips to make a postage stamp quilt top, out of fabric I have (mostly, need a tiny bit more white) and have been very excited about that, planning it in my head, thinking about it non-stop. Continually checking the blog.... then today, I don't know why, was it because I didn't have the white and am trying so hard not to buy fabric, I started cutting another one. Blake Riley All Stars 2 for Ryan. He was pretty excited. I try not to have loads of projects on the go at once, I find it hard to focus, I am usually pretty good and seeing one through before cutting into the next one, but for some reason today I just had to cut. And you know I am so sure it IS because I am trying to be good and not spend money. Oh and I got this fabric off or search Sew Pretty on facebook. Amazing cool fabrics, yes I love that place too! But see, look at the fabric isn't it lovely! Boyish without being babyish.
And also to link to facebook, or not. that is the question

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I was going to post a few updates on this quilt I was making...but I just finished it instead!

The photos never really do justice, the colours are so vibrant and the white so crisp. And I am so proud that the lines are almost perfect straight. I un-picked a segment and cut and re-sewed and I am so pleased I did, it looks a million times better. I haven't made a lot of quilts, this is only my 5th over a couple of years, so I am very much a learner, but I feel this one is starting to make me feel like...a quilter! It needs backing and the binding, nut I just love it. Now that leads me to my dilemma, I love this quilt, but I was making it as a wedding present for a friend who is getting married in May, so now I feel a bit guilty that I might just keep it. I did buy the fabric on a whim for some project yet undetermined so it is not as if she picked this...or even knows about it...aaarrrggghhhhhh. Anyway the fabric is from "Here we sew again", they are a facebook based store, they used to be in NZ but have since moved to Aust and postage means there are cheaper options in NZ. The pattern was one I just made up after seeing a number of different variations on the web on the big blocks and white borders.

Now I have started a list of projects I must finish before I buy any more fabric. And so far I have managed to tick two off, the quilt was one and I made Ryan a wee shirt. It was meant to be for Christmas but oh well better late than never! I am putting in a zip instead of buttons and once this is done I will post a photo.But only 6 more things to go until I can shop!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Fruity Tomatoe Sauce

I gathered up all the tomatoes in the house and was rather pleased when I found I had just enough to make this sauce. It has been a favourite in our house for a couple of years now. Great with cheese, as a base in a toastie or even a good chuck of it poured into mince. And it uses a whole lot of tomatoes which seem to be so abundant at the moment! I feel a bit like a witch with this bubbling in the back ground!

So this is from Cuisine 09

2 kg of tomatoes quartered
500 grams of plums with stone removed
2 onions chopped
150 grams pitted dates chopped
2 cups brown sugar
1 tablespoon molasses
1 tablespoon tamarind concentrate (you can get this in the supermarket which the other spices)
1 tablespoon salt
1 teaspoon fennel seeds
6 whole cloves
1 cinnamon stick
1/4 teaspoon of pepper
2 cups of malt vinegar

place all the ingredients in a large pot, bring to the boil slowly. Maintain a steady boil for 2 hours. Stir a whole heap at the beginning and end. Beginning so the sugar doesn't burn and the end so the pulpy sauce doesn't burn.

Puree and jar!

It is really easy.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Brithday been and gone

The beginning of February is a busy time for us, my birthday is on the 1st and Adele's is on the 2nd. So most of my birthday is spent getting things ready for hers. Not to worry though as I love baking and creating so it is kind of the best of both worlds.

She had a wee party, which was just the kids from our coffee group, plenty for me! And we had a wee morning tea, I was planning on doing a little more but I could find the right things I was after so in the end ran out of time and just had a morning tea. So of course there was cake...
She seemed happy with it. I borrowed the mold off a friend and inside it makes a hollow which I filled with M&M's so when it was cut they all poured out, some very happy squeals.

So then after all the kids were in bed on Wednesday night I had to do some post party calm down sewing... So using my super cool Amy Butler book (she should be paying me for all the advertising he he) I made the "Teardrop" bag. I had to use cool fabric of course and had enough left over from my Birdie Sling bag to make this one. So I am selling it on trademe, whilst I could have two bags the same, I just want an excuse to make another one in different fabric. I am always torn about selling things. They take so much time, and I like to use lovely fabrics and I just don't think people who don't sew fully understand or appreciate how much time and effort (maybe a little love without being sappy) goes into each project. I have sold a few merino skivvies and one of the comments was "much better than I thought" so without trying to read to much in to it, what do people expect of home made stuff?? So anyway I have it on trademe for $30 so hopefully that will help fund the beginning of another project, or else it will be a lovely present to someone.

I made tomato sauce yesterday...but I think I will post tomorrow about that as there is a strange quiet over the house at the moment and that usually means on of the kids is up to a little mischief


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice Cream and there a better combo??

The other night we had some friends round for dinner, the wife is pregnant so I thought a perfect change to make my yummy but oh so fattening triple chocolate semifreddo. I love this so much but it really is super duper fattening so it really is a wee treat. All was going well, in my cooking zone, until I tried to slowly cook eggs and whip cream at the same time.... forgetting both need a close eye on them, end result, over whipped cream but thankfully o.k egg mixture. But having been all inspired by Wendyl Nissen's "A Home Companion", I made butter out of the cream, all you do is keep whipping and add some salt. So so easy. So yeah I felt pretty awesome!

Right the ice cream
250 grams dark chocolate (the darker the better)
3 eggs
2 egg yolks
1/2 cup of caster sugar
1 and 3/4 cups of cream
1/2 cup of white chocolate (i use more)
1/2 cup of milk chocolate (i use more again)

Melt dark chocolate and set aside. Eggs, yolks and sugar in a bowl and slowly heat in a bowl over a simmering pot of water, whisking as you go until thick, mix into bowl of chocolate. Place aside.
Whip up cream until soft peaks form (not butter), fold in egg and chocolate mix and add remaining chocolate, place in a metal container and freeze for about 4 to 6 hours, yum!

Thanks to Donna Hay from the "Chocolate" book.

I have a picture, but it looks like a big frozen container of brown, so not inspiring, just make it and it is fantastic.

Ah yes, today is Adeles birthday so on her bed is her finished (bar one side) quilt. It is made from Heather Ross Far Far Away (series one) and backed using Black Riley flannel dolka dots. I had it quilted at Donna's Quilt studio in Hamilton. I am in love with the way it turned out. Donna has an amazing way of making the quilt look so much better. She is one talented lady

So I am hoping tonight Miss 2 year old stays in her bed, please!!

And I made her just a wee purse out of some stuff I had lying around, I made is mistake, sewed things around the wrong way, but she is happy with it, surely that is most important!
It is one of those gathered clutches, but with mistakes so dont judge it too hard!

Anyway, will show some picture of what I have been working on next time, eck it is another quilt, and even worse it was going to be for a friend for her wedding present, but I have fallen in love with it, so I think I will keep it now

T x