Friday, April 27, 2012

Another Peek-a-Boo Bag

A week or so ago I made the skirt for the up coming party and as the party is tomorrow I thought I better get myself sorted and finish the present. So I made a Peek-a-boo bag from She is the lady behind "Make it Perfect". And if you read my blog you will know just how much I love love love her patterns!!

I have made a few of these bags and I still managed to put the layers together all wrong and had to un-pick a whole heap. Was a case of second time lucky.

Today has been a lovely day. I usually work every second Saturday, but the night shift lady wanted to swap, so I did. So I have been home today hanging with the kids as Blair is at work. They have been colouring, playing together, outside, inside and we even played dominoes. Since they have been lovely I have managed to chip away at a hoodie that was ordered and make the present. I usually don't get the relaxing days with them. During the week getting them to where they have to be and doing jobs leaves very little time for well doing nothing. I think they have enjoyed today. Soon we have to head out. My shift starting and Blair finishing overlaps by a few hours and they are going to hang out at their friends house. I am not looking forward to the day when they are not each others best Friend.

I have a few projects I, well Ryan, want to work on over the next few weeks. Might take me a bit longer as I have a super busy week coming up with my real work sort of stuff. I have all the supplies ready to go so hopefully I will achieve a thing or two. Well I guess I will achieve work stuff, but achieve creative stuff!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Pretty Pinafore

This afternoon, while we were waiting for the kids get back from their break, I decided to do some sewing for Adele. I have been so busy doing stuff for Silly Goose that sewing for the kids has been lacking.  I have had this pattern for what feels like for ever. I got it from a Craft show. The patterns are lovely and I haven't seen them anywhere but at shows. They are by Karen Davis under the name "Pieceful Life Designs".

So since I had this free time. I dragged Blair into Spotlight with me and he patiently followed me round the store while I hummed and haaaaed over different fabrics. So I ended up with the lovely rose fabric and the dress is fulled lined so I used Sleeping Beauty flannel. Adele loves princess and the flannel makes so warm and cosy.

She is being a monkey and still wake so I tried in on her before and it does look great! Plus she loves the fabrics, both of them.

I went through my fabric bin this afternoon and found some fabric that is going to be perfect for my winter baby to come. So I am going to make a couple of pairs of pants. I just cant wait to get started on them. I am trying to get myself sorted and make a few more kids clothes. I have built up a bit of stock so I think I can take a bit of a break from that and do some stuff for the kids and myself.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A skirt for a wee friend

Adele has been invited to a party in a 4th birthday party in a couple of weeks. It seems like we just finished all the 5th parties from Ryan starting school and another bundle of parties is starting. This one though, I was very excited about myself as I like the little girls mum, she is a friend of mine and the daughter was one of the first friends Adele made by herself. The daughter and Adele became friends through Playcentre and then by their association the mum and I became friends.
So it is her party in about two weeks time. I think, I better check my diary. So as it is the school holidays right now the kids and I all went into Spotlight to look for fabric. She is well into Spider man and I wanted to make a Spider man skirt, but I couldn't find any way where. So I saw this, Adele and I loved it. Ryan not so much. He had found a cream and blue floral fabric and was putting up a good fight for us to buy it! In the end mum won (of course) and we went with the black.
So when we get invited to parties I have an amount we spend on presents. Anyone who has kids will understand just how many they seem to be invited too. Now that Adele is getting invited to parties, plus with Ryan's school friends and then coffee group, kids of our friends... Well there is quite a few parties! So with girls it is pretty easy, I make a dress or skirt or something cute and a bit different. I buy my "budget" worth of fabric and team it with bits and pieces I have a home. So this fabric was on special so I could get a good whole metre. So I can make the skirt and I should also be able to make a matching toy bag. How cute is that going to be!!!!!
The red tulle I have as the under skirt is attached to some hot pink I have left over from a quilt and the red tulle is from what I had on our wedding. It was tied around some palm leaves. I don't even feel sad with it departing the house as I know that it is going to some lovely friends. Oh so the skirt, it is just a standard elastic skirt, two layers. The hot pink underneath has a small strip of the red tulle attached to the bottom to make an underskirt. Adele said it was like a balloon skirt. She likes it. I really like the fabric so I think I might get a bit more to make Adele a dress I have had a pattern for.
On our news, had the half way scan. All is looking super duper good. And we are having another girl! Adele is very excited, Ryan not so much. He is very much hanging on to the small chance the sonographer got it wrong. To begin with he wouldn't even talk about her being a girl. But as we started showing him the up side of being the only boy and grandson on both sides, he has started to see this could be a good thing.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sugar overload!

Coffee group at mine today. Usually I make it the morning of coffee group but last night I wanted to try something I have only ever managed to mess up. And to be fair this one isn't perfect, but it would be my best effort to date. I can' get the topping to sit on top like it does in the photo. At least this time the caramel didn't sink into the base.
Good old Tan Slice. I used a double caramel mixture. A friend does that with a slice she makes so I thought I would too. This is super sugar plus plus over load and nearly a whole pound of butter, so not for the diet/sugar conscious. But as I am not I can't wait to eat it!
Tan Slice:
This is the recipe as per the book. It is up to you if you want to double the caramel mix. Oh and it is all in measurements, even the flour and sugar which I always find a bit of a pain. My scales are terrible.
170 grams butter
85 grams sugar
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
280 grams flour
Chocolate Buttons
55 grams butter
1 tablespoon golden syrup
200 grams condensed milk
Cream the butter and sugar until soft and fluffy, add the vanilla and work in the flour. Remove one third, this will be the top of the slice. Put the top in the fridge to chill. Take the remanding mixture and spread in the base of a tin. Now there is no indication on what size tin to use, I used a standard cake tin and it seems enough. Put in the fridge.
In a pot place all the caramel ingredient and mix on a low heat until all melted and mixed together. Take off the element and cool.
Once cool pour over the chilled base and sprinkle the topping and a few chocolate buttons.
Bake for 35 mins at 180 degrees.
I need a super sugar boost as I have managed to catch the kids cold. Adele, bless her, was so sick with it. Really high temps, sweats and an awful cough. Ryan wasn't so bad but the crazy temps. I have a blocked face. I really want to spend the week in bed but... With kids you just can't. I had the night off work, thank god. But there has been so much else to do. I am off to an Easter Market and have a few other things booked for this month. Plus then next month is the big expo...Plus I have a stuff I have to do for my real work. So timing has not been the best for this cold.
We are having the big scan next week. We get to find out what we are having and all the detail of "its" wee body. I love this scan, there is so much detail and really up until then it is sort of unreal.
So really busy at the moment.
Right almost time for coffee