Saturday, March 23, 2013

A little bit matching

Been busy over the last few days, busy making a couple of skirts. The kids cousin is coming back to NZ for a holiday and I have taken this as a perfect excuse to make not two but three matching skirts. Whew!!! So far I have made Adele and Greta's. tomorrow will be the cousins. I am making Adele and the cousins completely the same, hers will be a bit smaller than Adele's and Greta's is the same but a different background colour. I figure then my girls can dress the same but different when all the Matchy matchy photos have been taken. I keep trying to get Ryan keen but so far not that keen.

Been a busy weekend, made cake pops, sweet red onion relish, sweet chilli sauce and the skirts and a 10 km fun run! Whew, even I am rather shattered. Losing my baby weight but all off my legs and upper body, but nothing what so ever off my tummy. Not happy at all. Blair keeps telling me it will happen but I am getting a little inpatient!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A little Sleep Suit

It feels strange to be sewing winter things in this heat, but I was trying to get a head start of winter sewing and I saw this fantastic jersey fleece and well, I brought it, brought a pattern and the rest is history!

I used Kwik Sew 3089 and it is so easy! And much like the brought sack that Greta already has. The only thing I did different was I put rib cuffs on the sleeve too. I can never get them to fold over like the pattern. The always sit a bit funny.

It is nice and long so should fit her for the whole of winter. I also have some different fabric to make another one. I think two should be enough. I love this stripe, I brought enough to make Adele a jersey dress. So matchy matchy but shouldn't ever be at the same time.

These fleece is so warm, I need it to get much much colder before she can wear it.

It is so muggy today, not enjoying it at all. But I am grateful for the rain so I guess that is the trade off.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A little something for me

I brought a few metres of this fabric and made a few skirts to sell, I made three, one for me and two to sell. Both went in about an hour! Crazy!!! But pretty cool. It gets a bit repetitive making leggings all the time and gives me a proper excuse to indulge in my favourite past time of buying fabric.

I was worried I might end up missing out but thankfully I was able to make mine up thus morning with what was left. I have a bit left but it is all funny shapes so not sure what to do with it now. Maybe a book bag or something.

Adele's started morning kindy now. Greta usually sleeps in the morning, it's so quiet. I do miss the kids when they aren't around. Means I have more time for sewing (or house work)


Sunday, March 10, 2013

More Pants

Both Adele and I have been busy today. I have been sorting orders and making leggings. A little hot to be messing round with merino, but an order is an order. When I make any thing I notice my scraps tend to go missing. Adele has been wanting to make her own quilt for a while now. She cuts up all these little pieces, lays them out and tells me who the quilts are for. Instead of sewing them up, I got her some paper and glue and she has been busy making quilts for about two hours. Summer ones, winter ones, one for her dogs and well, there are a lot of quilts. I love it!!

This is her summer one for her puppy Milly. (A soft toy)

 So while she was super busy it was only fair that I was busy too. I made Greta another pair of pants, I just love the monsters. Very cool!!

This is Adele's favourite one. I have promised Adele that I will get some more of this fabric and make her a skirt to match. I am thinking a ruffle skirt like I made her friend a while back. It will be super cute! AND if that's not cute enough, the kids have their cousin coming back to NZ for a week or two, so, I am thinking another ruffle skirt in the fabric too! Could that be any cuter?. There is going to be a serious overload of cuteness!


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Anna-Maria pattern, Anna-Maria Fabric

I brought some stunning Anna-Maria fabric, I was planning on making a skirt for me, but I didn't get enough. I am not of an age anymore to be showing my knees, well in shorts but not a skirt. So I was planning on making Greta a pair of pants. Then I thought Adele some shorts, then me a bag... You get the idea.

I carried the fabric round with me for ages. Always planning on cutting it but never doing anything with it. Today was the day, it HAD to be cut. Lucky Greta got a pair of pants. She is on the verge of growing out of her quick change pants from the "Handmade Beginnings" book. I happen to love them too!

I used the Anna-Maria fabric and teamed it with one I had from Spotlight. I love how they go together but don't go together.

They are pretty quick to make now. I have made a few pairs over the years, mostly as gifts, because I love them so much.

Adele is still spewing, I took her into the doctor today just to double check it was just a tummy bug and not something worse. And yes it is just a tummy bug. She has been pretty glum today. It has meant another quiet day at home.

Maybe she needs a new skirt to make her smile ;)


Friday, March 8, 2013

A wee productive Day

Blair is working all this weekend and the kids have a spewy tummy bug, so we have been staying home today. It has been good, well a part from the vomit, as it has meant I have gotten a few jobs sorted. Yes, the kids rooms are cleaned! The main problem is no water. Well hardly any water. It hasn't rained in days/weeks and we are on tank water, so this means we have to be careful with our water usage. Also means no using the washing machine at the moment. It is a real pain! It is offically a drought in the Waikato and a good chunk of the North Island. Usually I head over to my parents and do washing there, but with the upset tummies I don't really want to put them in the car in case it makes them vomit some more.

They are having some quiet time and watching "A Bugs Life" and I have been doing a bit of baking and relish making. I have made

and also this

We have so many eggs that I have been trying lots of new things. So far the kids wont eat any of the dinner stuff I have made, maybe some cake?!?!

plus my relish, a green tomato. It is a family favourite. Usually I wait till the end of the session and make it with the last few I can find. But we have so many I don't know why I always waited. This is the second batch already with batch one gone! Thats the recipe there.

Right time to jar the relish

Yes I have nibbled the top of the cake

Tastes good, but I just can't make a perfect brownie, this is recipe number 100 of trying :(


Monday, March 4, 2013

My skirt!

I used pattern Kwik Sew 3451 to make myself a skirt. I was rather worried about it as it is quite a full bubble skirt. I was worried it would make me hippy, not in an alternative way. It was a nightmare to make. Everything that could go wrong did. I even threw it away at one point. Blair got it out of the bin and quietly put it on the table. I then kept working away on it. I was over it! But it is now done and surprised at how it looks.

I put a knit band on it using their instructions and teamed it with some fabric I got it few years ago on a super special. Blair asked how expensive it is and I don't think believes me when I said $6 a metre. It looks pretty flash. I just need to top stitch the band and then fully complete. I just like to top stitch to make it a bit more secure.

Adele took the photos but you can still see how it looks. Need a date night now to wear it out.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Another Postage Stamp

So here is my next postage stamp. I love the mix of white with bright colour. This was a jelly roll made from a local quilting store. So nice and coordinating but not a range, if that makes sense. I love the bright blue with the yellow. I know that colour combo was "fashionable" a while ago but I still like it.

I need to put boarders on the as I just need it a tiny bit bigger. I am thinking a thin yellow and a fat blue boarder. Then all done!!! I am either going to put in it our lounge as Blair and I can both have a quilt or give it to my mum. I will see once it is all done.

So today was busy, I also did my Sunday baking today. It was teachers only day so it feels very Friday like. And we had a trip to the beach, whew!!