Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ultra Mini skirt by Mistake

Sorry for the blurry photos, my model wouldn't keep still!
I borrowed a pattern off a friend. McCalls M6391. It has some super duper cute skirts for wee girls. One really caught my eye, I have had the pattern for a couple of weeks now so I thought I really should make it so I could return the pattern. I had some beautiful fabric I brought, gosh, months ago. A shop was closing down so I brought quite a bit. It has little gold flecks and the prettiest wee flowers over it. So I thought the two of them would go cute nice together.
The pattern called for the skirt to be bunched up, sort of like the flower girl dress I made for Adele, but I wanted it "un-bunched". Plus I only had a metre and even then it was going to be a push to get it right. And hence it is now ultra short. I didn't have enough, but I thought since I wasn't doing the bunching it would be o.k. As soon as I cut it I knew it was going to be wrong. There were two other skirts I could have made, but no I manage to pick the one that isn't really going to be suitable. I made it when Adele was asleep so I had to wait to this morning to see how bad it really was. It is o.k. on the sides, but at the front and back, oh the back, are too short for a three year old! So I teamed it with leggings and she is happy. I think she is just happy to get some thing new. It has been a while. I have been putting my tags with my logo on the kids clothes. They love it. They think they are getting branded clothing! Bless them, great confidence builders!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Chocolate Slice and a bit of news

Lately I have been crazy busy sewing for the Women's Expo in May. So I have not really been doing anything new. But I have been sewing flat out pretty much every day. Good for me as I really want to have all my stock sorted about a month out so no crazy rushing about. And I can add other items if I get my list done. But pretty dull as it is all the same stuff and I have all these wonderful new patterns I want to make up and fabric and well I guess I can't do every thing no matter how much I think I can.
So even my cooking and baking has all been stuff I know I can pretty much whip up. But as I was a little over cupcakes, I have made a good old family fav. I can't remember the last time I made this as Blair doesn't like coconut so wont eat it, so usually means I end up eating it all! Now usually this would frustrate me but since I am 13 week pregnant I really don't mind. Yes, that's right 13 weeks!!!!!! So that has also put a bit of a slow down on my sewing progress as I have been so so so so tired!!!! More tired than I have been with the other two. Now I am starting to get my energy back I am trying to keep moving and doing stuff. So slice always looks pretty blah when you photograph it, but if you like coconut and butter you will love this.
Chocolate Slice:
150 grams butter
1 and a half cups flour
1 cup coconut
3/4 cup sugar
1 and a half baking powder (which I have JUST noticed I didn't put in :(, darn)
3 tablespoons of cocoa.
Melt the butter till it is runny. In another bowl mix all the dry ingredients together. Combine, bake for 10 mins and 180. Once cooled ice.
Brilliant! Usually super easy, so tasty and I am guessing I will have eaten it all by tomorrow!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another Tomato thingee

We have loads of tomatoes at the moment, so when I mentioned this to my mum the other night she said "well I have a new recipe I want to try, I need 4 kgs". So we arranged for me to come round after picking Ryan up from school, make a start and she would help when she got home from work. Sweet deal for me as I have done all the cutting, mum has been doing lots of stirring and dad has been playing with the kids all afternoon, plus mum cooked the kids and I dinner. Sweet!
The sauce is still cooking away, but man oh man, it smells really good. Mum had a little on her dinner and she thought it was super.
I even had time to cut out another wrap and I could have done even more but I chatted, had a hot chocolate, looked at facebook. You know a sort of relaxing afternoon. Blair is working late so it made for a good way to spend an evening.

Right, I think it might be time for another hot chocolate

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Green Tomato Relish

It was stinking hot yesterday, kids were tired and scratchy so perfect time to make relish. Even with the doors wide open the house was so hot. But at least it was all done and now we can get back to eating our favourite snack!
It was so yummy!!!! We ran out of it through winter some time. It has been a long time since we have been able to have some. The best cheese is just good old tasty. I want more.
I thought i had written about it before but I could find it so here it is. Now the ingredients, to me, sound a bit funny. It tastes nothing like you would think with what it has in it. I was trying to think how I would explain it and there really is no words. Trust me though, make it, it doesn't take much or very long. So even if your taste is different to mine it wont be too much of a waste of effort.
Green Tomato Relish:
725 gram cucumber (about two)
500 grams of green tomatoes
500 grams of red onion
Cut up very very finely. Put in a bowl and cover with water and a tablespoon of salt. Leave over night.
Drain off water, put into a big saucepan, add 500 grams of sugar and 750 mls of white vinegar. Bring to the boil and boil for about 20 mins.
Now take one tablespoon of corn flour
1 tablespoon of curry powder
1 tablespoon of mustard.
Mix in a bowl with a bit of white vinegar to make a paste. Mix to the mixture and boil for about 5 mins.
Makes about 5 jam jars worth.
Ok, I give in, off to have more cheese and crackers

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Adele's third birthday

It has been a while, sorry about that. Been under the weather for a while, I think I am starting to feel better now so that is a relief.

Anyway it was Adele's birthday the other day. We had her party today. It was a pretty overcast day. With the plan being a pool party it sort of was a bit of a bummer. But you know, the kids were in the pool, riding on the bikes and just having fun. So really it was fine. In fact great, they really had so much fun.

I made Adele a handbag cake. She really was not impressed. She wanted a mermaid cake, I just didn't have the time or energy so she got a handbag cake. Even then we were up late making it. I couldn't get the handles to work at all. In the end a good old piece of number eight wire kept it all in place.

I kept the buntings I made for Amanda's wedding, so they were perfect. My friends all had a giggle as they knew how long they had taken, so I think they were all pleased to see them being used again. It really did make it look festive. Perfect for a little girl.
My attempt at a bit of healthy food. ANZAC biscuits. So lots of oats and coconut. All the kids did was eat the icing. I tried!
And the birthday girl. By the time it got to cake she was completely fine with a handbag cake. Bless her. I think she had a lovely morning. I was so impressed with the kids all playing so well together. We just let they play, no games or activities, but good old fashion running around and making their own fun.