Saturday, May 30, 2015

Pinny by Make it Perfect

I had a spare couple of hours and I thought I would make a dress for Greta. She picked the fabrics, I wasn't so confident on the colours. But I must admit I am rather pleased of how well it looks. Greta says she will wear it tomorrow but I am not so sure.

I used a pattern from Make it Perfect, Pinny, and it goes together so quickly and easily. I did do it a little different than the instructions. They explain to cut to pieces and sew together but the length was the width of fabric so I just did that instead and had a seam up the back.

The fabrics I used are call Secret Garden by Free Spirit. They are lovely shades of autumn colours. Not really little girlie but I think they come together so nicely that if she wears it, it is still a fantastic lovely girl dress.

When I was sewing it together, from the above photo you can see I had the top of the dress a messy stripes sort of fabric. When I sewed it together I some how got it in the wrong way and ended up with the lining on the outside, which was fine as it was just one of the bands. AND I really didn't like the stripe so I am rather pleased I messed it up. And looking at it now, I put the bands in a different order too.

I am pretty pleased with it, I really hope she wears it. She still hasn't even tried on her Frozen skirt and with how much she loves Frozen I just don't understand it!!!


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Too Small :(

What a bummer, I made a dress, and I really like it, like really like it and it is too small, not even just a small bit too small, but unable to sit in it too small. Like make me feel like I have a big butt too small.

The worst thing was that I cut the pattern, I don't usually but this time I did, so I can't even make another one bigger. AND, if it could get worse, it said it was an easy, but guess what, it wasn't!!!!!!!

I used New Look 6022, and I thought it would be a simple tunic, I put the sleeves on, which is always a bit harder and I liked the look of it so much. I was already starting to doubt it at this stage, so although gutting, I had a feeling that it was going to be like this.

See, look how nice it is, so sad!

I used a really nice light weigh denim and the contrasting flower strip was left over from a pair of pants I made for Greta. She has out grown them now so we would not have been twins. 

So I have two options, lose my butt. As I have been trying to do that since Greta was born thats might not happen any time soon, or give the dress away. What a lucky friend I will have.


Friday, May 22, 2015

A jacket for winter

Today is a terrible, dreary day. Rain, wind and just yuck. Perfect day to sit at the machine and do a bit of sewing.

I cut this all out yesterday afternoon and manages to get it all together this morning. I have made it before and the instructions are so fantastic that it went together so quickly. I used Make it Perfects pattern, Little Uptown Girl. I had a wee giggle as I made Adele one at the same ages, so the size three was all traced and ready to go. Makes it so much easier.

I used this awesome fabric from Valori Wells for Robert Kaufman called Ashton Road. I love the wee birds on the fabric, reminds me of Cinderella. I just need a button and then it is all done.

It is so handy having the two girls, I haven't really brought all that many patterns for Greta and with fabrics changing all the time it is like I am making something completely new for her. Finally "saving" money lol.

Now for the rain to stop so we can go outside


Thursday, May 21, 2015

A couple of skirts

My baby loves twirling and hence loves twirling skirts. And leggings, boring old plain leggings. Not so good for a sewing mummy! I took her into a fabric shop and let her have free choice, and at 2, I was most impressed with her choice. Bright and happy like her.

So all I did was cut my fabric into 4 inch strips. The bottom was four strips sewn together and gathered, middle was two, top was one, sewed them all together, and folded over the top to make a case for the elastic and done. I overlocked around the bottom instead of a hem, took the morning to make. And she loves it

Then of course if you are making something for one child you have to do something for the other one. I made this skirt from this amazing fabric. I loved it and was worried Adele wouldn't be so keen on it, but so far so good and she has worn it.....once. Thats ok, better than some other clothing items. I cut a wide band, about 8 inches from memory and then cut the tree houses double the band width and gathered it and attached it. This one was super quick, maybe an hour all up. Its hard with Adele now, she is turning into a lady and isn't into so much cute sort of clothing. Makes me sad but all part of growing up.

I am loving having some down time. Well having time to sew, I loved doing my course but I am really enjoying the sewing. I have a project cut out ready to go for tomorrow, plus a whole lot of fabric for future projects!!! YAY!!!!!!


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ball dress for me

I have finally been back into the routine of regular sewing and I just forgot how much I loved it. Adele still gets excited and then refuses to wear what I make and Greta will only wear twirling skirts but hey at least it is something.

Due to their limited likes I made myself a dress. We had a ball to go to and I thought why not. I had never attempted something this challenging and I am happy with the results. Although I did learn the importance of making sure lining is the same size as outer when 5 mins till leaving, final stitches in place and the lining was a bit smaller, a bit of tugging and secret cutting it was on, with great cleavage!!

I started in on Thursday night and managed to do a bit more on Friday night and then made a mad dash to get it done Saturday before the ball. I was sewing in the car as we drove to drop the children at the Grandparents.

I made it from some chiffon that was on sale in Spotlight, a pale pink with neon flowers. I matched the lining to the neon flowers, there was about 7 metres of fabric in the dress and all so soft and floaty,  I really felt like a princess on the night. I am so glad that I made it, I felt quite a sense of achievement.

I used this pattern, and it went together relatively well. I was a bit worried about how it would stay up even with the boning in, but it seemed too do o.k. I bit pull on it a little during the evening, but no more than any other strapless dress. 

And here it is, I love it, I really do. We have another formal-isn dinner coming up and I think I will wear it again, with a small alteration to the lining.