Sunday, July 28, 2013

Birthday Dress Done

My darling children have been up since 430am. Not all of them but Great first, then a little bit later Adele and even Ryan was up before 6a. I think they were all excited to be heading off to school and kindy. The shame was poor Adele vomited all over her bed about 730 so no kindy for her. She has been relaxing so I am pretty sure she should be o.k for tomorrow.

But since the day started early, Greta went to bed early and I made her birthday dress. I was pretty pleased as I go the whole dress completed. Well a little un-picking to do. The ruffles still need to have the gathering cottons taken out. But the construction is all done. I LOVE it. I love the fabric, the colours and I loved how Greta did a jig of excitement when she saw it and let me dress her with no fuss. She took a few more steps in the dress and really did look happy too. So Adele has had to explain that it was just a try on and she can't have it until her birthday. Adele was so cute telling her about party food and party stuff.

I still can't believe she is about to turn one.

I am going to change around the quilt I made of this same fabric, I want to add a couple of little squares in the sashing, so will do a bit of un-picking tonight. I think it will be worth it. I have seen something on the net I want to try and recreate. I guess we will see if it was worth the effort.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

A new baby Quilt

My sister-in-law is having a baby, in December. They have just found out what they are having, a baby girl, so of course this means a new quilt. Apparently she doesn't want any pink for her baby. Lucky for me (as I do rather like pink) I had a bit left over from the dress I am making for Greta. I thought this would be perfect. Girlie but not pink. Her mum said she had been buying green for the baby and this has a whole lot of green. Hopefully this will be well received as I think it will be colours she likes.

Forgive the terrible photos, but it is night time.

I had a bit of this fabric but not a lot so I had to keep the design simple. I sewed 5 inch squares together with 2.5 inch sashings. The border is 2.5 as well. I still haven't decided on the binding, maybe the green. I think I will have to buy a bit more fabric just to finish it off. Since it is a gift I want it to be as perfect as I can.

Its about 1 metre squared, so a good size for a baby quilt. Even with Greta almost a year, they are still a good size for her. Especially in the car or in the pram.

Sewing in our wee house is slightly challenging. I need to find a better place to set up. I trip over the cord for the machine and can only have the iron out when Greta is in bed as the iron is in the kitchen and I worry she will pull it on to herself. It is almost comical. Not the pulling of the iron but my new set up.

Right time to go and pack up all my stuff.


Friday, July 19, 2013

A Month To Go

My baby is turning one in just over a month. I can't really believe it. It really truly feels like yesterday she was born. I remember it all too well for it to have been that long ago. But, it is, nearly a whole year. I am a bit sad about it all. I want her to stay little for just a little bit longer. She is standing all on her own now. Will just randomly stand up in the middle of the room. The older kids give her a big cheer every time she does it. It's all very cute. In these cute moments I would happily have more babies. I do love being a mum. And since our latest run of sickness is slowly moving behind us, life is a bit more happy and healthy.

Plus we have moved and set up home in our little rental place. It will be home for the next seven months whilst our house is being built. We are in walking distance to school. It pretty much was the only criteria. It is a lovely place, a large deck and a bit of space to play outside. But alas, no where I can set up a permanent sewing station. This of course means there has been pretty much no sewing done this week. BUT... I have cut out a dress tonight, Greta's birthday dress. I am in love with the fabrics so I am all motivated to get sewing it.

It is Mediterranean Dream by Simon + Kabuki and it is just stunning. It is so feminine without the pink. It's funny because when Adele was the same age I had this thing about not over dressing her in pink.Her first birthday dress was a cool black, red and white number. Now, I can't get her out of pink. I wonder if Greta will be the same. She already is drawn to pinks and sparkles.

I am using this pattern. I have made Adele two dresses from this pattern. The ruffle dress and a box pleat dress. Plus I made it for a friends daughter too. It runs really large. Adele's first birthday dress was the box pleat and I think she finally wore it when she was two. It was so long and really big. I am making Greta the size 1/2. I am hoping it will fit. And I am making ruffles!!!! It is winter so all the fabric and ruffles will make it nice and warm. Hopefully. I have made a wee alteration to the pattern. This pattern just attached the middle ruffle to the outside of the skirt so the top edge was exposed. I have cut the under skirt and made the middle ruffle and skirt sew together so the edges become inside the skirt. Makes it look nice and tidy.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Sharing the Quilting Love

I have started a wee collection. After I made the Scrappy Trip Around the World for my friends sick son and then the kindy quilt, I started cutting a 2.5 inch strip and a 5 inch block and putting them aside for when ever I felt the urge to make a super scrappy quilt. Coupled with reading some inspiring blogs about donating quilts (one lady donates two a month!!) I decided that I am going to make one scrappy quilt a month and then at the end of a twelve month period donate 12 quilts to my local Plunket.

So with that in mind and a pending move in a few days, I brought my box of scraps to work with me and have been cutting away. About 100 5 inch squares, plus I have a bundle at home. Of course not all of the quilts will be scrappy 5 inch square quilts. I am sure I will use this wee challenge to try out patterns and use fabrics specially brought for the occasion.

But I see this as a good start. Enough for two quilt tops! Next night shift I will bring in my other box of scraps and do the same thing. And it is a good chance to improve on my free motion quilting skills.
If anyone wants to join me, the more the merrier. Maybe one quilt, maybe two or even 12! I figure Plunket will know families that need a quilt for their child. Or maybe even to Starship as we all know, sickness can affect anyone. Not 100% sure yet.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

More Pants

Yes, I do just love this pants pattern. Ryan loves his so much that I thought I would make some for Adele. I had some flannel left over from the quilt and this really cool super hero fabric, batgirl, Wonder Woman and Super Girl. 

Adele was most impressed. Watched me at every step. 

I love the butt panel! 

I had forgotten, but she has the female super heros hat. She remembered, ran and found it and that was her outfit for the day.

Apparently I have to wash and dry them for tomorrow. I take that as a real sign of approval.

I love the fabric! I think it matches the personality of my Adele, super girlie, but will kick your butt if you annoy her! 


Thursday, July 4, 2013


I finished this on Wednesday. I sat at my coffee group diligently sewing in the binding. Then Wednesday night, sewing more. I have found this rather soothing as I have the worst cold ever! I keep being told to rest, but with three kids that isn't going to happen. So a bit of hand sewing does make me sit and still feeling like I am achieving.

I went to send it and gutted, it doesn't fit into the postage page.

I even quilted it again by myself. I did that as I was coming down sick. I really struggled moving the quilt and couldn't do the design I had planned. I wanted to do flowers but I had to un-pick and just do some loops. Things didn't really flow like the last quilt I did.

But really, it looks lovely and I am sure the friend who will receive it will love it!

Yes, Adele's hand, cheeky monkey!

I backed with a nice soft flannel. It should be nice and cuddly on soft baby skin.

Oh and the straight line is a fold.

I think I need Vicks