Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pants for My Boy

My poor Ryan, he really doesn't get as much sewing as the girls. So when I cam across this pattern. Anna Maria "All Set" I knew, just knew I had to get a copy of it and make Ryan these pants. I have made him the size 8. It is a bit roomy, I should have made the 7 I think. I always get a bit worried the first time I make a pattern, is it big, small, just right. I think this one is just right. Yes my six year old wears size 7/8. He is a giant.

I used a really heavy weight denim. Perfect for winter, I fully lined the pants with the Marvel fabric. So it has The Hulk, Captain America, Sideman and Thor (I think). Ryan likes that it is just a peek for fabric, but he knows it is all inside.

See, cool lining! Doing it this way does double the cost, there are instructions to do it without the lining. But I am glad I did. Sometimes I get all, no one will see the lining, it doesn't need to be cool too. But seeing Ryan's face and really it was like $10 I think. It was worth it.

I laughed when I saw he had a Batman tee shirt on, under a Joker costume. When he is older I do believe he will rather enjoy "The Big Bang Theory". I am yet to introduce him to Star Trek, I am sure he will like that too.

We move in about two weeks into a rental. I am not sure where I will be storing all my sewing stuff, but it is coming into our wee house. I told Blair there was no way I could be seperated from it. We are building a new house and have sold our current house. So for 7 months we will be townies. We will be walking distance to school and mostly importantly for the kids, McDonalds. Not so important for mum! It will certainly be a change for that 7 months. Our new place will be in the country again. So we have a new block, not as big as our current block but still nice. Still will be able to have a couple of cows, chickens and our vege garden. Now that is is all happening I just want to get the moving done andd settled.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Free Motion Quilting

This was my first attempt at putting the layers together, love having helpers.

I had my first go at free motion quilting this morning. I did a bit of practice last night and read a book and jumped right in. 

I am a sort of a learn by doing type of girl.  I am rather pleased with how it turned out and it can only get better with practice. 

I have sent a couple of quilts off and they have come back with stars on them. I did a bit of drawing on paper to see how it would flow and a way I went. 

I have a couple of other quilt tops ready to go, so just need to come up with a design for them. I found it a lot more enjoyable than I thought I would. It requires a bit of muscle moving the top around but it is well worth the feeling of satisfaction. 


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Face

I made a friend a robot sleep sack a month or so ago. And she liked it do much she asked if I could make another one. This, of course, made me rather happy. A big smile on my face sort of happy! 

This time I used space themed fabric with a nice thick merino. NZ is about to be hit by a polar blast so perfect timing. So that has been my morning, pottering around sewing and playing with Greta and drinking coffee. 



Monday, June 17, 2013

Kindy Quilt

I was at Adele's kindy, she was in the family play area. With all the babies and kitchen and stuff. I noticed the play quilt was looking a little over loved. So I have taken it upon myself to whip up a new bright and colourful quilt.

I used 5 inch squares from my scrap bin. Cut them last night and sewed these together this morning. Even I am surprised at how fast this top has come together. There is a real mix and match of fabrics, boys and girls. 

Hopefully this one too will end up over loved.

We have recently sold our house so Adele will be moving to a new kindy, so the quilt will be a leaving gift. It will be a bit sad as we have really enjoyed this kindy. But, oh well, life is filled with change. 


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Little Apples Finished

I finished the top ages ago. I was planning on quilting my recently finished pink top but I didn't have enough batting, luckily I had just enough to finish this one.

I love this fabric and truthfully I did want to keep it, but really, how many quilts does one baby need. 

The recipient of this particular quilt have been friends of ours for ages. Blair and the dad to be were in high school together. So it felt nice to give this quilt.

I love this girl! 

They aren't finding out what the sex is, but I think this is pretty unisex. Whilst it has this wee girl, there are almost as many boy pictures too.

The backing is a cosy flannel. And I did a simple quilting. I am rather proud of my quilting. I am still pretty new at the quilting part and am pleased with how this turned out. A few little puckers but nothing too bad.

And a nice spotty binding. Yes, I do really like it!


Monday, June 10, 2013

Cough, cough, cough

Adele has a bit of a cough today so I thought I would keep her home today. It was cold out and it was sort of nice cuddling up at home. Poor Ryan, he of course had to head to school. 

Nothing like a little bit of sisterly love. Well until Greta kept touching the screen and stopping the story.

I think they have the same eyes. Love it!!

Once Adele perked up I made a tea party. I have a collection of china in the pantry. It's, you know, my best. So really it never gets used, just collects dust. Adele looks at it all the time. Longingly. I knew she was secretly keen to use it so I set up a party for her. With hot chocolate in the tea pot of course. Heaven for a four year old! I still wasn't quite able to use the matching tea cups, next time maybe. 

See isn't she a little lady. 


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pink Top Done

The quilt top is finished. It always feels like it is all done when you get to that point but in reality there is still do much to do. I really want to get it all finished and sent quickly. My friends baby was only 1.5 kg at birth. So very much a tiny wee poppet. 

I used the "Trip Around the World" method. This is number three and I still love it. Simple, impressive, quick (ish) and  just awesome! 

I brought a set of pink and a set of purple fabrics from an Etsy seller. All un-branded fabrics and have come together so nicely. Pretty confident my friend will want girlie colours for her little girl. I have enough for another quilt top the same but a three blocks by three. This one is four blocks by four.

As you can see by Greta, it works out to he a great size.

No school lunch is complete without a bit of baking. Iced biscuits, iced at 630 am. A little over the super early mornings, I guess that is one of the joys of kids. 


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Another warm set

It's truly winter now. So I have been trying to have the kids in a merino layer every day. Washing and drying I still didn't have enough for Adele, I found this lovely light purple and it's perfect for her. 

I just love her spunk, she is so funny!!

We went to Disney on Ice over the weekend, I love the girls in their red merino and dresses. Don't love the look on Ryan's face, he was in a fine mood :(