Friday, August 31, 2012

Eggs and Lemon

We have so many eggs at the moment and Blair's parents have a well producing lemon tree.

Now having loads of each works well because every thing lemon based seems to use so many eggs! We get about four a day so we give heaps away. Especially at the moment.

So I was relaxing in my bed, reading a trashy mag when I can across a recipe for a Lemon Coconut Slice. We have been having the odd visitor so I thought this would be a great time to try it out.

150 grams butter
1/2 cup of sugar
1 and 1/2 cups plain flour
1/4 cup desiccated coconut
350 gram jar of lemon curd (Again loads of eggs and lemon so I made this)

3 Eggs (wahoo)
1/2 cup sugar
2 cup desiccated coconut

Beat butter and sugar, add flour and coconut. Beat on a low speed until a crumbly consistency. Press in to tin. Cook in a 180 degree oven for about 20-25 mins. Cool.

Make topping, whisk eggs and sugar until pale and combined. Stir in coconut.

Spread curd evenly over the base. The cooler the base the better. It wont sink into the base. Spread topping over. Back to the oven for another 25 mins or until golden. Remove and cool. Then remove from pan. Or eat straight off the pan as we did. lol

This is what was left after our first visitors. So I am guessing it is a winner. Blair's is not a fan, he doesn't like coconut in cooking. Such a shame as I LOVE it!!

I am starting to feel a bit more awake and not so tired, which in turn means I am starting to miss my sewing machine. I cut out a wee outfit for Greta last night. Blair and Ryan are off to a party soon, so I might make a start on it... Or more likely Greta will wake and she will need feeding and cuddling


Monday, August 27, 2012

Long post, warning birthing story

So, its been a while. But crafting slowed down to a halt. We have had a rough week and a half and a baby. Which of course is wonderful, but man her timing... Some may not want to read this, totally fine, it is my story, by me and how I felt. I am sure Blair's would be very different. Very pleased to have our wee lass with us and now on to the fun part of being parents.
A week and a half ago, I was all excited as I had a great blog about all this food I had made for a family lunch I had made. This quickly finished up as Ryan had an out of the blue full on asthma attack. Blair rushed him to the medical centre and by the time they arrived he was all floppy and an ambulance was rung and the two of them transferred to the hospital. I got a phone call to say where they were and of course Adele and I wanted to rush there to but in the haste Blair had all the car seats and Adele and I were stuck at home. Thankfully a friend drove all the way out to our place, picked us up, took us to hospital, waited round and took Blair back to the car and then went home herself. Whew!!!!
Ryan, bless him, ended up with a two night stay getting his oxygen levels sorted and some sort of normal breathing going on. I stayed the first night and Blair the second. Needless to say we were all very shattered come Tuesday afternoon when we got to take our man home. The doctors think that it was brought on by the virus we all had and just a bit of being run down and stuff. But by god it was so scary! Adele missed him so much and was so excited when we got to bring him home. He was back at school the next day and we haven't really looked back. Last night he was a bit chesty but nothing like that Sunday afternoon.
So yes by now I had the bloody virus, and still do. It is awful!! So no sleep for me Wednesday and Thursday night coughing, peeing and checking Ryan was still breathing! Blair was doing school run, kindy run and taking Adele to where ever she needed to be. Basically filling in her day so I could sort of rest.
Now come Friday......

The start of the arrival of the baby, so we thought....

I started contracting around about Thursday night. Just little niggles, but enough to know it was different from the pain I had been going through. Lunch time it had picked up and by three I knew it was going to happen sooner rather than later. I rung mum, she came and picked up the kids after work, got Blair sorted and rung the midwife.

Note: In NZ you are under midwife care unless there is something different, usual or known complications. We can choose to birth at the hospital, a birth centre which is basic care level centre, still has all the things a mum and baby need but can't do c-sections or epidurals. If things start to go down that track you get transferred to the hospital and go from there. Or  a home birth. We are encouraged to stay home for as long as we care to, although we can go to our desired birthing place when ever. So I think it is a bit different than some oversea places. At the end of the day, my goal is always a live baby however it comes out.

So midwife, rung her, we came up with a plan, things were looking good. Off to the hospital at about 8 pm.

Right, we arrived, got checked and really what felt like a slap to the face, no, nothing, no dilation, your contracting but nothing. What is going on????? A doctor was called in, she was lovely and thankfully said I would not be leaving until I had my baby but again was a bit confused as to what was going on. The call was made to break my waters and what seemed like about 100 litres of fluid gushed out and filled with old blood. Questions again, have I been sick, had a fall, again what is going on??? Both baby and my hearts were racing, I had been tested for infection, which came back positive but with no idea where. I will admit to being a bit, well a lot anxious. Blair said he started to get worried it would be a c-section. Both having our own silent worries.

Now they wanted to test the baby's blood, remember she is still inside. So things were pushed and pulled and prodded. If this test came back positive then it would be a c-section, no discussion. She would have to come out. But that test came back ok. But now things were starting to get much more regular and stronger and I was getting a lot more scared. My body was shattered, my muscles in my back had begun to spasm due to three days of constant coughing and i just couldn't get my breathing in check. They checked again and thankfully I was 8 cm. This had come on rather fast from when the waters had been broken. It was me, Blair and the student midwife and I felt this over whelming urge to push, crazy desire... I was crying, Blair was saying stop the student midwife was saying stop, you cant you're only 8 cm and pushing the call bell over and over again. My midwife came back and said stop push and then quickly said I see a head, push. So from the check at 8 cm to the baby being born, out snuggling on my chest, 3 minutes. Then I think I went into shock.

Greta Vivienne born at 0224 am weighing 8 pound 12. We are all doing well.

We have had our first coffee out. I do look rather shattered, it was Monday morning, only two days after she was born. Plus we had been at ballet.

She seems to be adjusting to home life. The kids are adjusting to having another family member and love to give her kisses and cuddles at every moment.

That folks is it. A bit of a roller coaster ride but look at the end result, just perfect.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Star Wars Bunting and a Ruffle Skirt

It is bucking down with rain. Well it was this morning, Blair is making the most of the break in the weather to head outside and do a few outside jobs. Feed the cows and collect the eggs.

This morning I really wanted to make Ryan's bunting. I didn't have quite the right stuff, but I found a ribbon type stuff that I can't even remember where I got it from. I was able to use about half the triangles I have cut. So I will be able to make another one. Two smaller buntings instead of one long one.

Ryan was very pleased with it when he saw it this morning. Thankfully Batman is now forgotten, well for his party at least.

 Here is my belly, taken this morning with three weeks to go. My scan on Thursday gave an estimated weight of 8 pound 10. I know the scans tend to over estimate, it is sort of my field after all, but the thought of another three weeks of growth and then this darling "wee" lass being, well delivered makes my body feel... sore. My midwife and the specialist are in a bit of disagreement with what should happen, so I am hoping she decides to join us, well tonight would be good.

Since the rain hadn't stopped at this stage I decided to make Adele a skirt. I wanted to make a ruffle skirt, went through all my patterns, couldn't find what I wanted, so I sort of made this up as I went. Please don't hate me, I have made a ruffle dress before so it wasn't like I completely made it up. I knew what I had to do. It is all straight cutting I just had to pick an inch width. I went with 5 inches and I measured a bit around her waist and went from there. I think she is happy with it, she has been having a bit of a stuck inside break down. Nothing seems to be going to her plan.

I think we all know that feeling. I baked a cake too earlier. And made soup. Been a busy mummy.


Friday, August 10, 2012

A Game for the Kids

When you are start reading other blogs and looking around the Internet you come across some great ideas. As many are recreated by many different writers and crafters it is hard to remember where you find some ideas. So this is not an original idea. I have seen a few done in fabric like I have done. I have also see a great one done using felt. I think I would quite like to have a go at that as I think it would be a bit better. I will explain that a bit later.

So this is the memory game. Usually done with a pack of cards or something similar. I thought by doing it like this and with a fewer pairs both Ryan and Adele can play it together. Ryan is in charge of explaining the rules. Sort of learning how to be a big kid, you know junior leader sort of thing and Adele loves her brother spending time with her.

I picked out 10 different fabrics, cut to 4.5 inch square. I found enough of one fabric to be the "back" of the cards and again 4.5 inch squared. This needs to be the same for when the squares are turned over. Plus between the two layers is batting. It makes them a bit more durable. So the issue. The kids learnt pretty quickly on that if they got down low and looked at the sides of the squares that could see bits of the fabric, enough to help them get pairs. The ones done with felt don't have sewn edge, the fabric is sandwiched between two layers of felt and the fabric doesn't come right to the edge and hence to peeking fabric. But..... they still seem to enjoy it. I have to sit with them and make them pick the squares faster! Rat bags!!!!!

I have noticed though, not only are they memory cards, they seem to be "food" for Adele's babies. She has packed them in a bag and taken her family on an adventure. Oh well, at least they are being played with.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The next block

I am not usually one for post each block as I go. But as this quilt is a combo of the two blocks I figure it is o.k! So I didn't have enough to make all the string blocks that I wanted. I could though, cut slightly bigger bits of fabric and I came up with this block. I don't like it as much as the other block, but I think once I see them together it will be o.k. I am completely out of one of the fabrics so I had to come up with something that would still work with just the two. There isn't as much contrast between this two fabrics and I didn't want to use a heap of white as then I would still have some floral left over and then I would try to keep making things with it.

My fabric for my Star Wars bunting arrived last week and I spent some time last night cutting it up. Now, of course, Ryan has changed his mind and wants a Batman party. Slightly frustrating as at the time I did time to talk him into a Batman party since that was all he was into. Then the Star Wars phase, now back to Batman. I am sure, what ever sort of party, he will love it. I have found some cool ideas on Pinterest for a Star Wars party so I am quite looking forward to making some of the the cupcakes and stuff. Of course I will have a newish born by then so I will see how much of it ends up being made.

Off to the hospital for our appointment tomorrow. I have been hanging out for this as it should give us some idea as to what the next step is going to be. Her growth may have slowed, but in the last scan she wasn't co-operating very well and wouldn't lie in the best position. I have another scan tomorrow before the appointment so cross fingers she plays the part. I am in a bit of pain and can't sleep so whilst deep down I know it is best for babies to hang out in the womb for as long as they want... I really am over this and would love to get on to the next stage. It is hard to rest and put my feet up with two other kids to look after. Plus I have a blue floral quilt to finish!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Scrappy String Quilt

 I am loving the whole using my scraps right now. I don't even have a stash like some people out there. I seem to be doing a scrappy and alternating with a brought fabric quilt. It does amazing my how much fabric you have left over from a Non-quilt project and just how far you can stretch the remaining fabric. This is left overs from my new nappy bag. I made a bunting and of course now this. This project will take the left overs. I cut a whole bunch of 2.5 inch strips and started making this. It does seem thought that I may not have enough. So now I am having the dilemma of buying more fabric or changing my pattern. I want to make four of these blocks in this colour way. I am thinking I can easily get two, at a push three but not four at all. Thinking about the fabric I have, I am not sure there would be something that complements it. It would need something vintage looking if I was to do other blocks.

I sort of love how sometimes when you start a project in changes and evolves as you start making it. Sure, it can be super frustrating but what you end up with is sometimes much nicer than you planned.
 I had a bit of a nightmare planning this. I had my maths all wrong, everything was facing the wrong way. Lots of thrown out paper.
This type of block has  a lot of thrown out paper even without my planning mistakes. But I am having fun making it and I am sort of green by using scraps. I can't even say it is old, re-used paper.

Right back to the sewing, making the most of Adele at kindy and Ryan at school. Have an hour left before school run starts over again.