Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Super heroes Quilt

I made the top for this a while back, now that I have a new baby nephew it was time to finish it off. They are coming down this weekend so that was perfect motivation to get it done. 

Thankfully I did as the backing I wanted was almost all gone. 

So just a bit of scrappy binding

And blue chevron flannel. It's going to be so cuddly. 

It really is the best feeling finishing off a WIP. I also brought backing for Adele's new (old) quilt so I can finish that off soon. Just Greta's to do first and then Adele's. Who needs sleep! 


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Birthday planning

It's not long now till my baby is no longer a baby and a big two year old. I am very very sad about this. I love babies.

Any ways, because it's not long to go I thought I better make a start on birthday presents. Today, less the buttons, I finished off Greta's dress and hence the colour of her party.

I made an Addison, a super girlie dress. I made one for Adele's fourth birthday, well I think it was for that. So this time it came together very quickly, took two days to make, with sewing mostly in the morning only.

Originally I was going to do it round the other way but last minute changed my mind, so glad I did. It's going to be terrible to keep clean but she will look beautiful for her birthday.

So now just a quilt to make. Thankfully it is a break between semesters so hopefully will get the quilt done in the next two weeks. Then it is back to crazy busy. Makes life exciting I guess