Saturday, July 30, 2011

Next block

So here is the next block in my quilt along. I have three of these to make, so far I have just done this one. I quite like it. I got all excited because I thought I could sew some of the rows together, only to find that I must have cut the other blocks in this row a bit smaller, or sewn a bit of a larger seam as the other block is a bit smaller, so much so that I am planning to put a nice white boarder around the blocks. Maybe I did a little of both. It will add flavour!
It is starting to come together rather nicely.

I brought a new book. I had seen it on a few blogs and I really wanted to have a look inside. So glad I did. Very inspiring and now of course I have another 10 quilts I would love to make. Because I just have so much time, all the time in the world!!!!! I think there is one I will make for sure and the rest are great for motivation. I read a sewing book and then the next day all I want to do it finish projects. Surely that has to be money well spent.
A few twists on traditional ideas and how to achieve them. Of course now I want to join a quilting bee.

I need more time!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On a hoodie roll

Close on the heels of Blair asking for a hoodie, my wee fashion designer so wanted one too. So he wanted green, a pretty easy brief really. So when we went fabric shopping a while back I had to do some delicate green pointing. He found the brightest, greenest most loud fabric I think has even been made. Of course I would have made it out of that, but I showed him a few options, still it was going to be the super green and just as I was taking it off the shelf he had a change of mind and picked this one instead. Relief!!!! It is the standard, younger type of Blair's one. This time I didn't put on the half sleeve, so just a long sleeve hoodie. I quite like it like this too. The fabric is a 52% merino and 48% polyprop. Which is a great fabric for warmth too and about a third of the cost, so quite like that as well.
See a good choice, a very handsome young man!

Monday, July 25, 2011

My very special custom order

I have been making quite a few of these merino hoodies of late. So Blair ask when he was getting one. It was the first time he asked for something, well anything for me to make for him. Obviously I was rather excited about the prospect of this. I had visions of black with red or blue. But my darling husband want black and dark grey. Completely rock and roll!So I used Burda pattern 7916. It is a "young fashion" pattern, really though it is for us oldies too. It is the exact same pattern as the kids hoodie. And it really is super duper easy. AND it looks so cool and funky it really is one of those items that really does look quite professional. I really love it. I have two lady sizes in my size ready to be made up and I just think I might be keeping one and adding one to my "shop".
I feel like I have been making a bit of progress in getting some WIP finished, it feels rather satisfying. There is always so much I would love to be able to make and do.
Right time to start packing.


I have been enjoying simple things these last few days, sprinkle covered cupcakes and home made cheese. It really has been rather nice. I had friends over this weekend so busy crafty activities were on hold. So it really was a nice break and has recharged my batteries. So today I just had to sew! I finally, finally finished Ryan's quilt, well the top. So over the next few days will head over to my favourite quilting shop and have them put it together.
I am so pleased with how it looks, still not sure on the binding, I have some plain brown which I think would look great. I have a few weeks to decide.
I also made Blair a merino hoodie today, it looks very smart. Will post more about that tomorrow.
We are having a night away and I can't quite choose between taking my sewing machine or a bottle of wine. I really would like to make a dent in the quilt I am making for our bed, but I do like a wine. But I have have put on just so much weight lately and at some point I have to do something about it! Plus I want to make Ryan some pants, the dilemma!! Oh and I need to make him a top too... Best get to it then ;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Gosh I have been so busy. Kids are on school holidays so we have been doing heaps of fun stuff, plus the weather has become so cold I have had a whole bunch of orders of merino goodies, which of course is awesome. Tricky trying to fit everything in and give the kids some good attention!
We took the kids of a boating picnic over the weekend. Even though it was cold, the weather has lovely and the lake was like glass. So we all piled in, when for a cruise and has a picnic on the river banks. Pretty simple but the kids loved it. Well to be fair I think they loved having both Blair and I uninterrupted, no phones, computers or distractions. And it really was fun. We were pirates, of course and I just really loved the day. I have no photos, they are all on Blairs phone.
We have been having a bunch of play dates too. Ryan has a few kindy friends which get on great with our family and little Adele just idolises them, she wants to be in on all the action too. Poor lass, sometime they will play with her and sometime they wont. She looks so heart broken when they tell her to go away. But yesterday we had coffee group at her best friends house. So her and Henry had a great time. She will randomly come up and tell me Henry is her best friend and she loves him. It really is just so cute. Both of them are really lovely with each other, he will hold doors open for her and share his cupcakes and she gives him big cuddles all the time.
Right best get back to "work", I got orders for 6 items yesterday, two done, one half done, so only three to go. Plus I had made some for my "shop" and I kept them for myself, I just needed stripey leggings!!! Plus Blair and Ryan both want new tops, both of them look so disappointed when I take fabric out and start working on it when they know it isn't theirs. I tried to talk a friend into coming out to visit and maybe being my nanny so I could do some work, she said is unfair!!!!!! ;)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Baby gift

So in the end with my quilt I just did the nine blocks, bound with the light blue, which I quite like. It is plain but the rest of the quilt is so busy I think it works well. The back is some fabric I have had for ever, it is a different shade and probably not what I would go out and buy for the backing but it was on hand and I thought why not. Even the batting was left over from another quilt. And I think it looks perfectly fine. I kept it small because I have decided to give it to some friends who have just had a baby boy. I did the nappy cake for them ages ago. I thought it would be a good floor blanket, throw in the car travel blanket, in the pram, you know what I mean. Plus she has already brought for the wee man and fantastic cot set so really I didn't want it to compete with that. Plus you really can never have enough small blankets in those first few months. So I had two blocks left over so I made a nappy holder. Too matchy match I know, but really that is me to a "t"! I have seen so many of these on-line so inspiration has come from all of them and mish mashed into what I created. I used the two blocks as the front and back, put fusible fleece in the middle and the backing as the lining. Plus a fold over strap out of some scraps I had from the quilt top. It fits a few nappies, bags and I am going to get some travel wipes to put in as well. So I think it is a fantastic pressie. I hope it gets used but if not at least it has a new home.
I did the binding last night while I was watching the netball and in the end I had to put it down it was just so close, we lost, which is stink but it was such a great close game that it makes it o.k. ish. Hoping for an early night tonight.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Amy Butler Coin Keeper purse

So the next bag is done in the sew along. It really was super duper quick and I took on the advice others had written about it and not put the divider in. Which is great advice because it is a pretty tiny little bag. So what I did was make the bag up without the zip and put a little ribbon handle on it, now it makes up part of a gift for the little party we are going to today. I also lined the front with fusible fleece, it makes it feel at least a bit more durable for little girl adventures.It maybe took a grand total of an hour including cutting, finding the book and dressing Adele in three costumes.
And most importantly it matches the skirt I have made her. What more could a little girl want!
On a side note I made up another block in my quilt. I now have all the rows sewn together, so just making up the blocks and cutting them as I go now. Makes me feel like I am making quicker progress. I know it is silly after all it is still the same amount of sewing. Got to keep the momentum going!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Making some progress

The weather has been so cold and awful we all have been playing inside. So it usually means the kids entertain themselves and I can get some sewing done. Refereeing from time to time and guiding into activities. This means I have been making a bit of head way into some of my projects.
This isn't all sewn together, there is only one block, a whole bunch of rows and even more single squares. I just needed to make sure I didn't get to the end final block and have 9 of the same colour left. Our spare room is my "quilt laying out room". I need a big space where I can leave it as it is. Middle of the lounge is usually not a good place. Sure would be more convenient though! So picture this with massive white block between all the coloured blocks. Yep I think it is going to be awesome!!
My other little project is this one:
I am still trying to think what to do around the outside, I have two spare blocks and was thinking of linking them up with white, make the colours really stand out, plus I quite like white at the moment. But I have some pale blue, which is in the quilt colours. And that would mean I don't have to buy more fabric and use some up from my stash. But the blue sort of, well, sucks. So then I was thinking a small blue boarder and a bigger white one... Which all comes back to I don't know. I do have a middle block so that is sorted, but the out side. Just a little stuck. Lucky I have so much to do on the other one that this can be put aside for a while.
Right back to it

Thursday, July 7, 2011

DISCO!!!!!!! Sorry mostly photos

Well it has been and gone, but what a blast. I am so pleased the kids got into it as much as we did. I think getting to have party food before and a play with their friends sort of hyped them up so much that it was bound to be fun. So I thought today I would let a bunch of photos do the talking...
So here is the pre-ball photos. This is Ryan and his two best kindy buddies. George, he has known from birth and Tessa, who has become a good kindy friend, Henry, who is another coffee group baby and the best friend of my wee Dells. She had been crying because she couldn't wear Tessa's new Cinderella dress to the disco. Very strong my girl.
The sleeping dancing princess, she had a massive sleep in, bless her. She really got into it and had a lovely time too.
I just love them!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another WIP, oh dear

So one of my quilts is on hold until some more fabric I ordered arrived, another is on hold , well just because. The children were watching a movie, it is bucketing with rain so I thought I would start one I had cut out a few days ago. Often when I am at work there is down time. So I take a project with me that I can stop and start easily. Cutting fabric is one of those. So I have been getting a bit a head of myself with cut up fabric. Then I read that Donna's Quilt studio has having a Face book competition. Make something out of her fabrics, load the photo on to face book and get votes. I had nothing that was recently finished I could enter. Sooooooo long story short, I want to enter the competition so I need to make something. It closes 1 August, that really isn't that far away so I thought I better make a start.
It is Michael Miller, not sure of the the lines name. I am starting with 5.5 inch squares, cutting sewing and then putting the blocks together, but not sure of the arrangement yet. I did draw up a plan, but I guess I will see what I do when I have all the blocks made. I have 11 I think to work with. It will be about the size of a cot blanket I am guessing. What to do with it once it is made??? Well I am not really sure. It sure will make a great baby shower gift.
I made biscuits today, chocolate ones, but now Ryan is 4 he knows ALL. So they are too tall and round so he thinks they should be thrown away. Adele and I like them and we have had a very heated "talk" about why they wont go in the bin. It may have involved some time in his room to think. The biscuits even had sprinkles! He is refusing point blank to even taste them. Might just go in his lunch box tomorrow, see if they get eaten then.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Pirate Waist Coat

Ryan is sick today, he has that awful cough that is going around. So we decided to keep him home today, which in turn meant Adele had to stay home too. And you know I have loved every minute, well not the coughing, but not having to rush every where, have some time to clean the house, play out side, watch t.v and make Ryan's waist coat. Usually on a Tuesday we don't get home until 130 and we usually are out the door 745. Plus I work Tuesday nights. So it is so busy and crazy. Today has been so relaxed and just great.

So like I said I had the time to make Ryan's waist coat for his disco. He is going to look so handsome! I used Burda pattern 9990. It was o.k. I find their construction hard to understand. It seems so long winded. The first time I make something I do it how they say and then the next time I make a few changes. I didn't like how they joined the top of the shoulders. I am pretty sure it could be easier. As it was I did it different and a bit messy. Next time I know what I will do better.
He is wearing it over a blue tee-shirt, but on the night I think it will be a white shirt, only two sleeps to go!!! We are having a "pre-ball" at one of his little friends places. If you are from NZ you will know that pre-balls have had a bit of bad media coverage but I swear we wont be plying the children with wine and beer. Maybe some lollies and frizzy drink. (Pre-ball is a party before heading off to your school ball or prom) So just a tie to make, I have seem some good tutorials on-line so hopefully will get that sorted tonight.

Right coffee time I think


Friday, July 1, 2011

A bit more of the quilt a long

Last night since Blair was at work I settled into the sewing room and did a whole bunch of quilting for about 4 hours. Non-stop, just straight row sewing. I managed to finish up the row I had started from my sew along. I am so pleased with this row. I really like it. So much so that I am planning in my head another quilt top made up completely of this. Of course different colours, but using triangles!!

I love the bright colours, love the blue green and the pinks. Still not 100% sure of the yellow green, but as I have said before this is such a good learning curve that I am not really too fussed with how it all looks together. It really has been about learning new techniques. And I have to say, this one has lined up pretty well too. Yay for me.

I also managed to get some of my other quilt started. I started sewing three blocks together and was made a good dent in my pile of quite a few. Curiosity got the best of me though and I had to put together a whole 9 patch block and then cut it to make the disappearing block. I am so pleased I did because now I love it even more than I thought I would and I just want to get in done. But since I sort of neglected my husband the other night when I was making the pirate dress, I think if I sat in my sewing room to quilt he might get a little sad... But the temptation......