Sunday, April 13, 2014


We are still waking up early, a pretty consistent 6am. Now we are into the school holidays I am hoping a couple of later nights might move them to a little bit later wake up time. 

So today, making the most of the time, I made Greta a couple of pairs of legging and tried out a new recipe.

Some pink, left overs from a dress I made Adele years ago. 

And blue, was meant to make Ryan a tee shirt, there is still probably enough but likely won't. Maybe some leggings for Adele.

And a batch of ANZAC biscuits. 

And it's only 1035 am. 


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Way too early

Daylight saving has just ended so that compounded with Greta waking ridiculously early we have been up since 440. It's going to be a long long day. 

The upside is it's 645 am and I have made two skirts already. Adele has a class morning tea this morning, perfect excuse to make a new matching outfit. 

I had this fabric left over from Adele's Christmas dress, she still wears the dress but hey, at this early in the morning you have to go with what you have.

Greta's I found some yellow ric rac. I think how it makes it a little bit more baby girl like.

It's just a basic elasticised waist skirt. Nothing too flash, certainly wasn't digging out patterns this morning. 

Only three more hours till morning tea. Time for another coffee me thinks. 


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mini Poppy

The kids have a mufti day on Friday so that has been my motivation to finish Adele's mini poppy being the little fashionista she already has her boot and stockings by the door, all sorted and ready to go. It's her first muftie day so she is very excited. 

I used a very light weight denim with this fabric. I love the two together, it is just how I planned it before I had even found the fabric. 

With her growing up I can't use over the top cute fabrics anymore, I have to find subtle cuteness. I love how the blue of the fabric matches the denim but still has flowers and a bit of pink. 

I don't know what the fabric is called but I really like it and wish I had some more.