Saturday, August 1, 2015

My Churn Dash

I have been wanting to make a Churn Dash ever since I first saw one on-line. I don't know why it took me so long, maybe because I am always trying to find new quilt patterns and always changing my mind on my fabric choices.

But I came to the conclusion my next quilt was to be a Churn Dash, but then it was what fabric do I use. I had two dessert rolls to choose from and I kept going back and forth on what one to use. Then I finally decided what roll to use I wasn't sure if I really wanted to cut it for a Churn Dash... Arrgghh the indecision!!

I was worried it would be just a bit much red and a bit full on. But as per usual, once it is all together I loved it. I loved the boldness of the colours together.

I was rather chuffed of how well my points came together. I absolutely want to make this quilt again. I have another design roll, but I might hold off for now. Get a couple  of other patterns before I revisit this one.

I have given this one away to a friend who just needed a little pick me up. But first this kids had to have a test run, just to make sure it was perfect for watching tv and relaxing.

I finished the back with flannel chevron in black and white, I thought it complemented it perfectly.


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