Sunday, July 5, 2015

Cross Quilt

For a last wee while I have been searching for the right fabric to make a cross quilt. I have loads pinned and a couple of times I have thought I had found the right fabric only to change my mind.

Originally when cut this fabric into 5 inch squares I had another quilt planned for it. But I didn't quite have the right amount, I needed a solid to go with it and I am trying, as always, to only use what I have at the moment. I went back to my pins and my scribbled down quilting notes and remembered this one and thought I would see if I had enough.

I have enough... Depending on who it ends up being for. It makes a great large baby quilt, but with a border it will make a great couch quilt. I just have to assess who it is for. I have a baby shower coming up, sex unknown, and I have a friend having an operation. Both worthy recipients.  I don't know if it would work for a baby boy, it is lots of blue and green so I guess it could. The colour way is slightly more adult.... I just don't know.

The fabric is Botanica by Free Spirit.

And just to finish, a wee photo of Venus and Jupiter.


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