Thursday, October 13, 2011

A bit of progress

I have been doing a few hours on this each night and slowly making a little progress. It is starting to take shape, I am sure some super keen eagle eyes can work out what it is now. The weather over here at the beach has been pretty poor, so lots of time spent in doors. The kids are going crazy and there has been a lot of refereeing. But it is always nice to get away and today Blair had to head back to go to work. He will be back later tonight but for now the kids and I are here, no car and well I think I can see a bit of blue sky. I find it rather amusing the kids can find a puddle and play for hours with it, or a random bowl or anything small and that will be them. But with their toys they get bored with them have a few minute's. As I write they are playing on the double pram. This poor pram has provided hours on play, a rocket ship, a boat, right now I think it is a pirate ship. No, I have just been told it was part of the jungle. And they saw a monkey.
I didn't end up buying another quilting foot. Without the foot has meant I have been doing my cross stitch or reading! Wow it had been a while since I have been able to read. I sort of walk around the house with my book in my hand while trying to get things sorted.