Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shorts for Ryan

I brought this a while back, I am pretty sure I was pleased with myself about this purchase that I blogged about it. It is a nice, medium weight cotton, perfect for young boys. They can play rough and hopefully not wear the knees out too fast. I am finding with boys fabrics it is army prints or pirates. Not that I mind either, but he has three pairs of pirate shorts (not including one that have gone to shorts heaven) and a a couple of army pants. I am keeping an eye out for "other" prints at the moment, I think he needs a couple more pairs.
So I used my trusty old Burda 9641 pattern. These shorts still need the elastic, but heading out into town a little later today. Ryan already wants to wear them as soon as the elastic is in them. I guess a good sign that he likes them. I am going to buy a new pattern. I know it wont be much different but I feel bad that i have been making him the same shorts for three summers now. I don't think he has noticed, funny how mum's and dad's are the ones that notice and feel guilty about it.
We have been up crazy early today and becasue of this Adele is screaming down the house already. There was no reason for her to wake up so early, just one of those days. I have a feeling it is going to be a long, coffee filled day.