Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Storage Sacks

I am over the mess two kids make, I cant even begin to imagine how much mess three or four kids would make. There are toys EVERYWHERE in our house and at times it drives me crazy! I had read on the Make it Perfect blog about these sacks and I had seen a couple at my son's kindy. So that was it, I was going to make some. So both Adele and Ryan have one now and I have plans for at least another one each. Plus she did some cool bags with a clear peephole so WHEN I make some of the them I will post about that too. It will be a when as I have the clear vinyl already.
That is the link to her tutorial.

So we did a trip out to Spotlight, managed to pick up fabric on sale for the outsides. The inside layer is old baby sheets. I figure since we aren't having anymore babies they would be perfect! They were just sitting in the cupboard doing nothing. It felt quite therapeutic cutting them up for some reason. Maybe a bit closure or something. Anyways....
I think they have had more use as Santa sacks at the moment than keeping the toys tidy.

So it is the BIG final this weekend, we might be the World Champs or the first loser. The final is on Sunday night so a few friends and us are planning on getting together, eating loads of yummy food and cheering so loud the All Blacks will hear us! Yes I really hope we win

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