Sunday, March 18, 2012

Disney Princess Dress

Adele and I were in Spotlight and they had Disney Princess fabric on sale, $4 a metre! So I brought her a metre and we spent ages thinking about what we would make. Skirt, dress, skirt, dress. In the end I thought I would make a Cupcake dress from the "Make it Perfect" Book. But then I want it to be a bit more twirly. So it became a Cupcake inspired dress. I used the books measurement for the first layer and then doubled the next layer and then quadrupled the last layer. So very twirly. I finished it while she was sleeping so the next morning when she found it she was so excited. Even understood why we would wait till after breakfast to put the dress on.
On Saturday a couple of friends and I went up to Auckland and spent the day fabric shopping and going to a Craft and Sewing Fair. Oh and a ladies lunch! It was so nice and relaxing without my wee darlings. The fair was a bit of a let down. We went to Auckland because we thought it would be much bigger than the Hamilton one. But it seemed a lot of the stalls came to the Hamilton one but not the Auckland one. So that was odd to us. We still had a good time but it was just smaller than we hoped. But I finally went to Global Fabrics. My goodness, it was heaven! The merino place I go to is great and reasonably priced. This place had 10 time as much and well the prices were more than double but still, the colours!!!!!!! I did buy a little more there. But it was for me and Ryan so paying a bit more was OK. Well that's what I told myself.
So I have mostly made myself a tunic and Ryan a hoodie. Ryan's hoodie has to be finished by Friday as he has mufti day and my tunic needs to be finished by Wednesday as I have nothing to wear to coffee group. Pressure!!!!
Well it is a nice rainy day, the tv might be on today and a few cups of coffee sipped. But it is nice to have a day of nothing

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