Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Scrappy Quilt

I can not say just how much I am enjoying having my sewing room back. It really was like a part of me was missing, I am finishing projects, starting projects and really feeling so much happier. That could be the house and the fact the whole family is so much happier.

Greta and I go to our local PlayCentre and I have taken it upon myself to update the quilt in the family play area. The old quilt was fine, but well loved and ready for retirement. So much playing and washing had faded the colours.

So I made this today. Well yesterday and today. Just 5 inch squares from various left over fabrics. I love making these quilts, as I go through the fabrics and remember different projects and remember the kids being little. There was no thought it to placement, just nice and random.


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