Thursday, June 18, 2015

Black, white and Pink

I have been wanting to make a quilt of black and white for a long time. But I have never known what to do as the colour. I have seen a number with red and a few more with blue, which I have loved.

I brought a number of years ago a fat quarter pack with black and white and pink. I was never convinced this was what I was going to do, so it sat there and sat there  and sat there until I brought a plain just black and white jelly roll. Well, what do you know, the pink looked amazing! I figure I need a new quilt for me, but after making it I realised this one would be going to a new home. A friend just turned 40 and I thought this would be perfect for her. She is a bit of a hidden girlie fan. She rides horses, in the army but every now and then will wear a glam frock and brush her hair. This quilt made me think of her, pretty serious with a splash of colour.

I say that I am trying to use up my older stash, but I just keep buying more to replace what I have. I really don't have a lot of pre-cuts. I do usually buy what I need, but I have three large bins of clothing off cuts which I am trying to make a dent in. I have already cut my next quilt top out and it hardly made a dent. Every now and then I will make a donated quilt and use my off cuts and that wont make a dent either. I have two choices really, make more scrappy quilts or donate more quilts. Both come back to "Make more quilts". And I am fine with that!! Greta's day-care hasn't received a quilt from me so I can do one for them. Although they could have the one I have made and haven't backed, it's folded up on my shelf. So many quilts!


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