Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Simple Retro-Retro

I really like to search the net for new quilting books and I came across Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley. It looks like the book has been out for about a year which makes sense as thats about the time I had been busy with my photography course. 

Of course then I googled finished quilts from her book and came across a great amount of inspiration on Flikr and blogs. This did mean that I had to make my own quilt and i made the Retro quilt.

I decided to make it from scraps with some grey. The pattern used two fabrics and then one contrast. To replicate this I used the grey and then one block of hot pink. 

I do like a good scrappy quilt, they end up a bit like a memory quilt. I look at all the different fabrics and reminisce about what I made, what age the kids were, what was happening in our lives at that time. 

The blocks did take a little bit of time to put together, but once I got a wee system going and had a few good hours to commit to it it felt like to time at all and it was all done.

I used so many different fabrics. Each fabric was use only twice, once in corners and once in the diagonal squares.

Here it is. I think I will give this to one of the friends who are pending new babies. 

Its school holidays next week, I am thinking on using that time to back and quilt some of the tops I have on the growing pile. I want to get them off in the post to their intended friends. I think thats a good aim, I only have four to completely finish so thats not an unachievable task.


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