Monday, June 10, 2013

Cough, cough, cough

Adele has a bit of a cough today so I thought I would keep her home today. It was cold out and it was sort of nice cuddling up at home. Poor Ryan, he of course had to head to school. 

Nothing like a little bit of sisterly love. Well until Greta kept touching the screen and stopping the story.

I think they have the same eyes. Love it!!

Once Adele perked up I made a tea party. I have a collection of china in the pantry. It's, you know, my best. So really it never gets used, just collects dust. Adele looks at it all the time. Longingly. I knew she was secretly keen to use it so I set up a party for her. With hot chocolate in the tea pot of course. Heaven for a four year old! I still wasn't quite able to use the matching tea cups, next time maybe. 

See isn't she a little lady. 


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