Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A new quilt

I have had this quilt cut out for a good six months, at least! I don't know why I never kept moving along with it. I love the fabric, I love the quilt design. But I made up two blocks and then never did any more. Now though, I am in the groove and made a further four blocks this afternoon. It's going to be a nice couch quilt size. 

Ryan's teacher has been amazing this year. Just so supportive and lovely and well just amazing. We do a class present but I wanted to do a little something special for her. She always comments on the quilts Greta is wrapped up in so I thought I would make her one. I actually went and brought other fabric but couldn't pick a pattern. I say pick as I have hundreds of patterns but nothing was calling to me. For some reason I thought of a pattern and yes, this was the pattern. But it seemed silly to cut up more fabric when I had it all cut and ready. I got it out today to see if I "felt" it. Yes, totally felt it and happy with how it is going to look. Funny how sometimes you just need to break away from it and tuck it away until the time is right.

So the pattern is Apartment Nine by Little Louise Designs. I brought it off Etsy.  

The fabric is, well I am not really sure. I thought it was marmalade by Moda but I just looked at it and now I am not so sure.

What ever it is, I like it, still! 

Here's hoping Ryan's teacher will too. 


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