Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Quilt top done, another started

With all this rain I have been putting the inside time to good use. Blair was entertain the kids and I was sewing up a storm. Finally, after I think a year maybe, I finished this quilt top for us! Of course I still need backing and binding but I sort of feel finished when I get to this part. And I think I have even made it the right size. I am so pleased with how it has finished. I can just imagine it is going to look so fantastic once it is all done. I love the bright colours.
See pretty big, this is over the bonnet of a car. I have put it over the bed here and it has over hang, so I am guessing that it should be prefect on our bed at home.
Since there was even a few more days of rain I have started another quilt. I cut 21 10 inch blocks from all my scrap fabrics and just had to buy the contrast. So a free quilt! I am doing the wonky blocks. I think I will put an edge around each block and then put them together. Sort of define them a bit. Plus I think it will make them so together nicely. Plus I am sort of making it up as I go. I have seen a few and like them, but I haven't drawn up a plan as such. So hopefully I will have enough blocks.
Plus the other day (New Years Eve day) I cut out 60 ish 5 inch blocks to make a quilt I read about in a crafting mag. Again from my scrap bin. I aim this year is to make a dent in my scrap bins and make up some of the scrappy sort of quilts I have seen and like. I have one here at the beach with me and it was over flowing when we arrived and with the quilts and buntings it has emptied out a bit, I can now fit my iron and a few other things in with the fabrics. I want to finish these two before I look at the next project.
We had a very quiet NYE. We watched the Glee marathon, I was happy, Blair not so much. We saw in the new year and then went to bed. Pretty exciting aye!
Hope you all have a great 2012, I am sure looking forward to seeing what it may bring.


  1. I just finished my last quilt, all but some final tweaking. I am so proud of it. I have it hanging in the living room for all to see. I have made many others,mostly small quilts to give away, but Pop says we are keeping this one. I think he is as proud of it as I am.

  2. I just have to say two things- first,that quilt is gorgeous.FAB choice of colours and patterns and two,you must have a much cleaner car than ours to hang a white quilt top over it! Happy new year,I've really enjoyed reading your blog during the last few months :-)

  3. Awwww thanks Glad you like it! Sometimes it feels like you are just talking to yourself ha ha. The car is my cousins, ours is faaar to dirty too. Happy new years to you too and I hope 2012 is a fantastic one for you