Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Princess dress

In two weekends the kids are being a flower girl and page boy at their aunty's wedding. I have been pretty given free range on what to make Adele. There are so many options out there it took quite a while before I could pick one dress. Even then I thought very long and hard about it. Still checking around for other ideas. I can't imagine I will get another chance for Adele to be a flower girl, so this really is a once in a life time thing for me to make a dress like this. I picked Simplicity 2463. The dress came to a "V" at the front, I didn't really want the "v" so I made it a drop waist straight the whole way round. I am so pleased with the dress. Even Blair, who usually doesn't get too excited about my sewing, love it. "Oh Adele will look beautiful, you have done such a great job" Blair said. So I am feeling rather happy.
Here it is completely finished. I love the wee bunches, makes it look like a real princess dress. It took a while, about 6 hours or longer. And metres and metres of fabric. Very much worth it though as she loves it. I am sure the bride will.
And then to top my day off I made another batch of these biscuits. I had coffee group here today. The kids didn't like the dark chocolate, which was fine by me, more for us adults! Thankfully we had a sunny day so the kids played outside all morning. Loving the great weather and sunny day!

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