Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Raincoat

Poor Ryan, now he is a school boy he doesn't get as many clothes made for him. He wears a uniform so there isn't the same need for new things. Last year I brought a "Make it Perfect, Big Downtown Boy" jacket pattern. Like a lot of things it was put on a pile and sort of forgotten about. A few weeks back I really wanted to make him something. He even has a uniform jacket so a full jacket was out, but, then, he NEEDED a rain coat, and to be fair he really did. His old one wasn't really a raincoat and was way to small. Perfect.

Spotlight had a whole to a light weight oilcloth type stuff. Like most fabric there was loads of cute girls fabric and lots of baby boys but not really any big boys fabric. I ended up getting him spots. Not particularly exciting but really was the pick of the bunch for him. I lined it with a fine, but really warm merino/polyprop blend. The jacket can get scrunched down small into his back, but is functional and warm.

The pattern, wonderful as per usual. As you know I just love her patterns. The only thing is I think they run a bit small. I made a size 7, Ryan 5 years old. I thought the 7 would be quite a bit big so he would get two years but this fits perfect. He is a big boy and usually wears a 6, but still... Sewing the fabric and then the knit. Wow that was a challenge. The slippery raincoat stuff and then the knit that went all out of shape, very much was a nightmare. Ryan loves it though so he is happy and the faults can't be noticed once it is on.

I feel like I have made quite a hit on my list. A couple of things left to go, but alas I am starting to get orders to work through. I am grateful of course for the orders. Just that whole juggling act of being a mummy and a crafter.


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  1. Looks like he is really pleased with his new jacket - well done! I've always wondered what oilcloth was like to sew with!