Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ryan's Sports Day

Ryan had his sports day last week. His house colour is yellow, he was dressed in yellow. Myself and the girls went along to watch and I thought that we would dress in supporter colours in something that could be wearable, yellow and still nice. You know wear again outside of school.

Adele has a silly amount of clothing and so does Greta, already!! Adele got a hat. She seems to always be missing a hat and at kindy they aren't allowed outside if they forget their hat. So now she has a couple of spare. I also spied some sequin fabric so made a skirt. I figure this can go in the dress up box. And wee Greta got a little top. Adele's hat I used the "Make it Perfect" bucket hat. The skirt was a super basic elastic waist band skirt and Greta I made a tube, put in 6 rows of shirring and a basic tie shoulder. Simple, easy and they looked pretty good. One of the teachers made a passing comment and I replied "oh yes house colours, made this morning" and he was all like wow what will you do next year. Yeah, I hadn't really thought of that. All ready starting to plan that. he he

It was a great day and I was very proud of Ryan, but notice I have no photos. Eck, bad mummy moment.


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  1. The fashions on the greens were far worthy of photographs...I am sure your son would have run too fast for a good photo anyways xxxx