Saturday, May 30, 2015

Pinny by Make it Perfect

I had a spare couple of hours and I thought I would make a dress for Greta. She picked the fabrics, I wasn't so confident on the colours. But I must admit I am rather pleased of how well it looks. Greta says she will wear it tomorrow but I am not so sure.

I used a pattern from Make it Perfect, Pinny, and it goes together so quickly and easily. I did do it a little different than the instructions. They explain to cut to pieces and sew together but the length was the width of fabric so I just did that instead and had a seam up the back.

The fabrics I used are call Secret Garden by Free Spirit. They are lovely shades of autumn colours. Not really little girlie but I think they come together so nicely that if she wears it, it is still a fantastic lovely girl dress.

When I was sewing it together, from the above photo you can see I had the top of the dress a messy stripes sort of fabric. When I sewed it together I some how got it in the wrong way and ended up with the lining on the outside, which was fine as it was just one of the bands. AND I really didn't like the stripe so I am rather pleased I messed it up. And looking at it now, I put the bands in a different order too.

I am pretty pleased with it, I really hope she wears it. She still hasn't even tried on her Frozen skirt and with how much she loves Frozen I just don't understand it!!!


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