Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A bit of Christmas Baking

A lot of fun this Christmas baking, but not so good for losing baby weight. No worries, the guilt only lasts until the next mouth full.

So yesterday Adele and I did our batch of Christmas tree cookies and of course stars. We invited one of her little friends over and I set up a decorating station for the girls and they had free decorating licence to their own cookies. Then they sat down, ate a couple of their art pieces and had hot chocolate. Then once they had played set her home with a bundle of cookies. Was rather fun. So Adele's cookies are all gone now, tasted pretty good. I think last year I cooked them for a little bit too long. This year I think is good!


Above is the recipe I used.

I did my decorating last night. I know the girls did a great job but some times mummy wants to be able to have a go too.

Since the girls were busy playing I made my coffee group cake as well. Very productive. I usually stay away from making brownie because one of the other girls is amazing at it and so far I have never made one that has tasted any good. But this one, OMG!!!!! Instead of chocolate it has a cup of Nutella. Yum yum yum!!!!!!!! It looks pretty ugly, but I am sure I could eat the whole thing by myself!. And of course I have lost the recipe.... I think my husband has been closing windows on the laptop. I will find it though!!!!

So there is my coffee group offerings, I think I will get a big tick today!

Also, Ryan had his Christmas dress up day at school. He went as Santa complete with a Santa sack. The kids put on a super cute Nativity play and we had a family picnic after. It really was super cute.

Righty, almost coffee time, I brought a pack of Christmas coffee from Starbucks so we can have nice Christmas plunger coffee. Yeah, I may just love a themed coffee group


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