Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A bit of whipping up

Poor Greta is unwell. A bad case of hand, foot and mouth is going around the Waikato. I haven't any idea where she got it from and I really hope the others don't get it. Unfortunately it meant on Wednesday we had a bit of vomit through her cot and in her sleep sack. I had no time to wash and dry it so I made her a new one. 

I had some Batman fleece left over, enough to make her a sack. Though Blair thinks it is a Pearl Jam sack due to the big Yield on the fabric. When making them only one layer they are pretty quick to make so thankfully I finished it in time for bed and well, she was nice and toasty warm. 

Ryan's decided he likes wearing a singlet under his uniform. He is on day two of the only one he has so this afternoon I quickly made him a couple more. Nice merino so should keep him lovely and warm. He told me in complete wonderment that even without his jersey in he was warm. I need more mum!! 

Adele, of course wants some now. Of course! 


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