Friday, October 18, 2013

All done

Finished the quilting and sewn down the binding.

I quilted stars and loops all over the quilt, making sure there was a star in every square.

I used the stripe fabric again for the binding. I thought it worked well with this too. This time I used a machine method to sew it down. And I am happy with how it worked. Much quicker and this really needs to get in the post, ASAP! I still prefer hand sewn, this though is a good compromise. 

I saw this flannel and my kids loved it. Who better to judge a child's quilt than children. I have noticed my scraps of these have vanished! 

All done! 

I know I sound ridiculous but I really do love each quilt I make. Something about the effort and feeling of achievement, this is off to a new home Monday. And I will miss it, better start a new one to take my mind off it!!


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