Monday, April 11, 2011

Cheese, YUM!

Firstly I managed to take a photo of Ryan in his top, he wore it to kindy today, usually it is a battle to get him into anything warm, so the fact he put this on with no fuss means (I think) he likes it! Gosh he is a handsome young man! I tried to put the hood on though and pretty much got told to go away.

But anyway... I did a cheese course on Sunday. Run through the "Over the Moon" cheese brand. They work out of the Waikato and make the most amazing cheeses, because yes we got to eat a whole heap! I didn't eat anything else all day except my breakfast and cheese.

Making the cheese isn't that hard, follow the well explained recipe and any one who bakes will be fine, I think, well I hope. But what I couldn't get over was how clean you have to be. Always sanitizing hands and utensils. When they explained it make sense, after all you are trying to grow mould and making the perfect conditions for mould, so you only want the right moulds to grow. So yes I brought the kit and am going to have my first go at making Brie, by myself, on Thursday. I have my cheese we made on course growing nicely in my warm fridge, only three weeks till I can eat it. HURRY UP TIME!!!!!!! I really can't wait.

It was so nice to get away and doing something challenging. I was so excited about it and quite pleased when it did live up to my expectations. So Christmas this year I think every one will get cheese. Awesome.


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