Sunday, April 10, 2011

The too small top

I was gutted. I had this lovely merino waiting for my son. He loved it, I loved it, there was a lot of love for this merino. So I finally found the time, Saturday morning was all rainy and cold, so I put a Dvd on and let the kids have a bit of special time and I got on to sewing, I had an hour and a 30 ish to get this done. So I carefully cut, sewed, even put on the double needle. And yes it fits, but it is so snug I can hardly get it over his head. O.k he does have a large head, but still and it was a size 5!! Which clearly it is not! I am crossing my fingers that I have enough left to make him the next, if not two sizes up. I want it to last the whole of winter. I love the design, just not the size. So I have listed it so sell, it will be sad to see it go. Especially if I can't make another one. I am very attached to it. It is Burda 9614 Easy...and it was quite easy. I did manage to get it done in my 1 hour 30.

I have cut out a jacket for Adele, which is also exciting, thanks to my lovely fabric from Sew Addictive fabrics. Will post about that tomorrow, hopefully I will get some more sewing towards that, I have cut it all out, but need some pellon to finish so cutting is where it is at.

I did a cheese course over the weekend too..Write about that soon, I am so excited to be having some really neat things going on. I have been busy but totally over my stressed out feeling. Oh and I have made that Raspberry cake THREE times, I haven't eaten all three cakes, but it seems to be a winner.


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