Sunday, April 3, 2011

My bossy little girl

Bless my wee lass, she is personality plus plus plus! So when she wants something, she wont give up until she does. Great for being an adult, but very hard to parent at times... But we love her to pieces. So when she found this beautiful organic merino, she wanted it. She fits pretty much all her tops from last year so I thought I would make her some leggings. She pretty much stood beside me the whole time, I couldn't even hem or put the elastic in, she took them away and wore them for the afternoon. A little warm for merino leggings but she was happy. The even passed the trampoline test, fort test and the super tricky washing out all dirt test. So a winner in my book. Watching her side around on the tramp though was a little scary, I was so sure they would be full of holes!

Look butter wouldn't melt in her mouth! Oh and the messy top is ice cream, I guess it is a bit too much to ask a 2 year old not to spill it every where. But anyway the leggings are a firm favourite of mine. I am thinking maybe a couple of more pairs for the winter, just got to pick a couple of colours, the fun part/


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