Friday, April 29, 2011

My merino Cardi

I know some people may argue I have too much merino, but really can there ever be too much. I am sitting here in my new cardi and a dress, wishing I had a pair of black leggings to go on as well...Maybe sew some up tomorrow?

Anyway, today being the last day of the school holidays I felt like indulging the children in the beloved t.v., after two weeks of "No play out side" I was a little worn down by it, so yeah, go for gold I told them. So it was quiet and I made this.

I just couldn't photograph it well, but it is a long cardi, with a scarf type drappy neck thing. I have used a grey merino with a nice patterned weave in the fabric. I really like the fabric, still thinking about the cardi. I every now and then buy the Burda pattern magazine. I think it comes out seasonally or maybe a little more. And I love the inspiration and the patterns. BUT it is so hard and confusing to trace and work them out. First they have no included seam allowance. So I usually just do the next size up, I know that isn't totally correct but it seems to work for me. Second there is hundreds of patterns on each piece of paper. Even though I drew around what I wanted in a darker colour to make it stand out, I had traced the wrong bit, so it was meant to be long the whole way round, like I had wanted, but since they didn't match up I had to cut a whole heap off the back to match the front, a little gutted there. I really wanted the length! And thirdly, the instructions can be a little hard to understand. I did what they said and it looked so wrong I had to un-pick overlocking stitching which is a complete nightmare! I guess I am mostly happy with it, but it could have been better. And the comments I have made are what I have read when I googled Burda magazine patterns. But anyway it should do the trick, and I am hoping it will look a bit better which jeans not a bulky dress. It is just frustrating, especially when some of the lesser know pattern designers do a much much better job of presenting their patterns.

Better luck next time, though I should just stop buying it, I always have some sort of issue.

This weekend I am off for a coffee group girls trip away for the night, a chance to catch up with no little people around. Very exciting, will pack my cardi and hope to develop a much more positive feel to it as I am sure the girls will boost my ego and tell me it is great. That's what friends are for right?


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  1. There is nothing like a catch up with friends, after a busy school holiday with children. cheers Marie