Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another quilt for the baby

I thought I would make a quilt for the baby's bassinet. Looking at it now it might be a bit on the big side. I guess you cant really have too many. I am yet to sew it together but this is what it will look it. I have admired this sort of design and have always wanted to make one. I cut out 5 inch squares during the summer holidays for no particular reason. Which was great as this morning I had a whole heap of colours and a whole heap of whites ready to go. I was planning to do a simple chequer board but then I remembered I want to do one like this, so I set about cutting.

I made a plan, did a bit of maths and it turned out to plan.

I used the method where you sort of make two squares at once. So 24 colours and 24 whites make 48 mixed squares.

This quilt, if you have eagle eyes. is the same fabrics as the other quilt I made the baby. When you do a bit of dress making there is always so many scrapes of fabric. About a year ago I started keeping them. I can see why people to it, I have made these two quilt tops, plus I have easily have enough for a couple more quilt tops. All cut out and ready to go. Pretty handy as I have a few friends having babies soon, I love making and giving quilts but to buy all the fabrics outright can be a very expensive gift. This way I can give something I love to make and it doesn't cost the earth.

So tomorrow, hopefully, I will sew the top all together, I think I might have enough scrap pieces of batting to make the middle, though I think on the back of this one I want to put some cuddle/minky. Ryan told me that I need to, he thought the baby would love it!

I am on a bit of a roll at the moment. It helps we are on school holidays so no rushing out the door early and we are able to spend all day at home.


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