Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ballet Bag

I like to be able to keep bags of like things together. Now that Adele has started doing Ballet, well more like "Ballet", she has her tutu and her book. We always seem to forget her book. I brought her this fabric ages ago and have been struggling to find time at the moment to get everything done. But as the kids are home sick and not up to doing much except fighting with each other I made her bag. It is a really simple long rectangle, folded in half and then all sewn up. I put a frill around the top to make it look a bit more girlie. She is pleased and has already located her ballet stuff and filled the bag and hung it on her door handle.

So we are home sick. I have a feeling it will be for a while. Ryan has the chicken pox. They are every where!!!!!! All over his face, body, in his hair line and even on his butt. Some of them are big and poxy. The ones in his hair are big and scabby. He is mostly ok. Just a bit over being sick. Worse, for him, is he has to miss a party tomorrow. I thought Adele would have them by the weekend, but no, the nurse said she will be spotty about the time Ryan looks good. School holidays aren't too far away now and I was hoping this would all be over by then. But I some how don't think so.

I think it will be MCd's for dinner tonight.


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  1. Sorry this post has a terrible layout to it. Everytime I tried to fix it, it just went worse! Bring on bed time!!