Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sweet Red Onion Relish

I was out and about, browsing through town with no kids. Looking in a book store, at fancy books. Not kids books. When the Women's Weekly Classic Preserves jumped out at me. So I had to buy it. Like breathing, it had to be done!

I love it, the photos are so lovely and the recipes look delish.

We are over at Blairs parents and when ever I come over I seem to take over the kitchen and bake, preserve or something. Having that extra set of eyes to look after the kids helps and I can work with the hot jars and elements.

Last night I made a chocolate zucchini cake. My attempt to get more vegetables into the kids and me. So far they seem to like it.

Today I made A relish. Smells so yummy but I don't have jars so I will just have to buy some fancy ones. Bummer :)

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