Monday, January 10, 2011

Busy, busy busy

January 11th, 2011

Been very busy!

  • The other day I woke up and I just knew...I HAD to sew. Not a choice but a need. And a whole heap of things that I have no one to gift to, I made baby stuff all day but no longer have babies. I did finish off my efforts with something for both of my kids so they weren't too unhappy.

    Anyway the first few items are from Anna Maria Horners book "Handmade Beginings" which can be found on her blog It is truely amazing, simple and I have made so many things from it and I am sure a few more things will be made. Notice the fabric! Yes another "free" item. To be fair and slightly shamed, all the outfits posted today are "free", yes this is now much I have lying around and even worse this is fabric which is lying around our beach house, so not even my "good" stuff....I am an addict!

    Anyway next!!!

    Two pairs of reversable pants, for a boy and a girl! Just way too cute!!!! I love this pattern, great for winter babies as the two layer keep them so warm, I wish I had this book when my babies were little!
  • So next I opened my new Christmas book, One metre wonders by Hoskins and Yaker. It is awesome as a few of the projects are great for using a bit less and can be a bit mix and match. LOVE IT!

    So from this I made: Sorry the photo is upside down

It is a lined wee top for my little 2 year old (plus I cut out one for a 5 year old, don't know one!!). She was quite excited till I wanted her to wear it, and well we all know how well that can end up, tears and topless
You can't see it that clearly, but it is a rocketship, made out of rocketship material Brilliant, well my wee man thinks it is! First time at making a toy, so I sort of over stuffed and it came apart during the night, one very sad young man. But I was able to handsew it back together, "I knew you could mum"

So myself, well I did make up a skirt, sort of threw a couple of patterns together and came up with a skirt, I like it, not so much the fabric, but since it was just lying around, so free, he he he, It will do the trick this summer

It needs a hem, but my overlocker is at home, and I don't know why I just hate hemming!

Anway thats my last few days, I have a few other things cut out ready to go, plus I splashed out it a big way and brought a fantastic Amy Butler pattern and all the stuff I need for that....Starting that soon!

T x

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