Friday, January 28, 2011

A Cupcake dress

Well I did have a crazy day looking after four kiddies... I was very tired by the end of it all. But as I knew once they arrived I would have no time to do any sewing once they arrive I drove into a cupcake dress, and seriously it took 20 mins start to finish including cutting. Easy, quick and super cute. I used for the main part some fabric I had lying around, beautiful mermaids, not sure what the brand or designer but I got it from Spotlight, plus I have seen it on line so must be common. Then I teamed it with some cheapo stars and spots and a bit of purple ribbon. The top again was from T&T. $4 who really can argue. So the idea was from Toni Coward and her fantastic new book, avaiable from her blog, She has other patterns as well, which are so easy to follow, I am a fan!

And I used my new Amy Butler book last night and cut out most of a pattern once the kids were in bed, making it from the same materials as my Birdie Sling bag, I figure I will have a birthday or something so I can give it away... Though trying to pluck up the courage to take some of my work to a craft market, so it could I guess be an item to add to the market


  1. Oh Super cute dress. Well done you. I had to laugh at your blogging/being naked comment. Good on you. I've only been bloggin since Jan last year so I'm a new-bee too.

  2. The dress is fantastic Tess, think the MIP book is the first I want to get!