Monday, January 17, 2011

Of late...

To keep with my new years resolution, I have been trying to make a bit of each present we give. Sorry to the first party we went to, but it was 3 Jan and I just didn't know where to start or what to do....but the next party we went to I had it all under control. A bag, sort of on the design of "Bend the rules sewing" by It is fully lined and fits two art books perfect, and a pencil case, again fully lined, from...I can't remember sorry :( But it was based on the idea of a toilet bag. But suited me just perfect. Sorry the photo is upside down, I saved it the right way up??

So we had my husbands family over for dinner and he was cooking and showing off his fantastic cooking skills... He is pretty good darn it! So I made ice-cream. Berry...yum! It was sort of cheats ice-cream since you use brought ice-cream and add to it...but time was short and normally I would make it, but this is all that was left so I think it was still appreciated.

1 litre of ice cream

1 and a half cups of berries, I used blue berries and boysenberries

and 1 cup of sugar

Take 500 grams of ice-cream and line the bottom of a loaf dish. Put berries and sugar together and slowly bring to the boil, boil until all sugar is melted and the berries are all mushy, cool.

Mix with remaining ice cream and add as a second layer to the first...yum!

Now on my cutting board I have this...By the end of tonight I hope to have an idea of what to do with it, and it cut out...I am being ambitious, but gotta have goals!

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