Monday, May 9, 2011

Been a little slack :(

The thing is, I have been so busy doing Silly Goose stuff, that I really haven't had anything exciting to blog about, which does make me sad. I have tried explaining "fun" sewing vs "work" sewing to people and I am not sure if they get it. So while I have been pumping out the outfits and enjoying it very much, I haven't really been doing a whole lot of fun sewing.

But I was so pleased a couple of days back when a friend ask me to look after her wee girl. I make a whole bunch for Adele but having an afternoon of another wee girl to dress was pretty exciting, so I made her a skirt. So her mum had a sweet deal really, a babysitter and a dress maker! Not that I minded one little bit. So I had this piece of cord I brought ages ago off trademe, no idea about the origin. Lovely blue and floral. I put my gathering foot on my overlocker and sewed two pieces together, elastic waist...done! I think that the gathering foot didn't work so well on the cord, but it still gave it a bit of gather. Then I made a dress for Adele, but she hates it and wont wear it...EVER! So that might just have to go to a good home. It is nice, I like it, but it is not quite good enough to sell, I sort of made up the design as I went. So gutted about hers, but love the skirt. So I guess a good afternoon!

I collected the next lot of fabric for my quilt a long. Might try and cut it tomorrow. Seriously, where do the hours go in a day!

I brought a bunch more merino for Silly Goose. It is going o.k. I have a friends fundraiser thingee coming up soon where I can sell my things and a space has come available at this market that I have been wanting to go to, but now I am scared! I have to make a choice in the next few days, make a commitment and then get sewing OR be a wuss, say no and then spend the month kicking myself....



  1. You had better go to this market or it will be a month of me looking at you with a frowning face.. and possibly also spending the month kicking you. You have been warned!
    Also, that is a very cute child that you made the skirt for!

  2. Lovely! Gosh I had to read that twice, you can be an aggressive wee thing! I thought i had a stalker! Yes she is very cute, much better than that screaming one for sure (only in this series of pictures of course)

  3. Markets are such fun, and sometimes one does not sell much, but it is all about connecting with the visiting public, they take your card and then you get an order later. cheers Marie