Monday, June 6, 2011

Felt like blogging, but nothing to blog about

I have sick kids today, so things have been quite and cuddley today. Now that there is a little down time all I have wanted to do was blog, but I haven't done anything!! I watched some soup boil away, but to be fair Blair made most of that, I just supervised. I did a order, but even that is not creative as the purchaser picked the fabrics and I just put it together...
But I guess I have been thinking about my friends daughters birthday. It is the big 5! So I asked was there anything special she would like, after all 5 is a huge celebration. She said clothes, and she like green and purple. So I have been going over patterns, fabric and what to do over and over in my head. It is a month away so I will have to make a start soon. I am thinking a balloon skirt, leggings and a top. A complete outfit for school. But then how nice would a new warn coat be..... Or a fancy shirred dress. Oh the choice!
So anyway folks that is it. No photos, no new creations... right off to administer a few more cuddles.

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